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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend at Georgies

Well, the weekend is starting to unwind now. I've had a great time, things were awesome, things were crazy, and most importantly, things were fun. The art show was a success. While I didn't win any awards, "Migraine" and "Drained" where a big hit. Many, many, many, different people were just staring at it and analyzed it and everything! It's what every artist strives for.

A lot of my friends where there and they were giving free beer and wine so we just drank and had a good time. There various photos, and I was going to post a huge entry about what went down and what happened, but fuck it. I'm to much of a good mood to really sit down and tell every great detail. All you need to know is I was drunk off my ass all weekend. Shyt.. I even took off my shirt in the parking lot of Average Joe's yelling, "PUBLIC NUDITY!!" loudly. Of course it was 3:30am, and only a few of the people were still there, but it was fun.

Tony and Gina were so embarassed, but hey.. it's all in fun. It was cool to finally hang out with Angie, Eddie, Jasmin, and heck even Emmanuel was there! Good, good fun.

Talked with Alpha Rev, took some stupid photos and learned lot more of what it is to be an artist. Even though sometimes I am annoyed of the opinions of my friends, they are all supportive of what I do and always encourage me to go the extra mile.

I learned a lot this weekend. I'm now realizing why it is we do art in the first place. I now understand why it's so important to display my work and not be afraid of what people might think. My life as an artist is changing. It's evolving. It's time to embrace the ever-changing climate.

My sadness and my isolation is my weapon of choice and it's time I share that in the physical world instead of staying behind the computer.

Oh, and I won't be online as much. Only a little to check up on my accounts. I'm going to force myself to finish all these projects I started. You'll know more soon.

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