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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day everyone!!

Okay, so things seem to be going okay for me at the moment. All my studying last night payed off because I got a 96 on my Computer Class Exam! :D That means I missed only two questions (god dammit), but I'll take me some good grades anyday.

Oh yeah, I CAN NOT stop listening to the new Mindless record. OMG.. it is so fucking addicting. It's all I spin in my Zune. Shuffled, inorder, my favorite ones, just nothing but MSI for me. I even burned me a copy so I can listen to it in my car EXTREMELY LOUD!! To be honest with you all, I was actually losing some faith in my boys and girls of teh Mindless Self Indulgence. I wasn't planning on buying the new album cause I felt that "Mastermind" sounded to overproduced and the fact that a handful of the songs that appear in "If" had been in previous live albums, DVDs, or pro-shot YouTube clips for several years now.. I felt it was kind of a cop-out. I mean, all this time on the new album and prepping up just to finally hear the studio recording of "Revenge" (which premired on "Alienating Our Audience" back in 2002)? On top of that they kept putting out more remix albums than Trent Reznor did the for Fragile, so I was iffy. Oh, not only that but the edited version of "If" includes the song "Uncle" which appears in their DVD "Our Pain, Your Gain". But alas, in spite of all of this.. the record is fantastic! I can't get enough of it I tell ya! ..if it's in Best Buy next week I will be picking it up. Hopefully the CD/DVD one since.. ya know.. their limited and they include all the artwork by the creator of Invader Zim.

So yeah, if you haven't heard it. Download it already!!

Speaking of downloads. Boy it's been great to be a Nine Inch Nails fan these past couple of years, hasn't it? A new song, "Discipline" (this one has words kiddos) premired in radio stations all over the US today. (Crazy Trent and his suprises.) Anyway, as usual, caught everybody by suprise. So, TR has posted a blog about the new song. We'll all be able to download "Discipline" for FREE later on tonight or maybe as I'm writing this. Go, go check! Should be great.

I gotta study for a test in my Painting class (how stupid..), so I have to do that. I'm going to open a new photo album exclusively to my MySpace account entitled, "Works in Progress" later on in the week. So for those of you with an account you'd be able to see all the drawings I have been working on these past several months/years. Updates to that will not be mentioned here in the blog.

Anyway, hope you signed some NRDC petitions, it's Earth Day! :D

Have fun everyone. I'm going to put my nose in a book now.

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