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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cloverfield Dee Bee Dee

So, I put on my Cloverfield DVD that I bought yesterday, and it was so weird.. I totally forgot that the "Coney Island" clips were shot on "April 27" which happens to be today. Ha ha. Totally unintentional. I guess it added more to it.

I don't think my parents liked the movie at all. Actually, seeing it again didn't really rev me up like first time I saw it. Maybe it's cause I was with all the J.J. Abrams fans. (I mean, everybody went completely bat-shit crazy when they showed the Star Trek teaser trailer.)

Regardless, I don't know.. maybe I'm stupid, but I can't FUCKING see the "thing" (AKA satelite) falling from the sky in final scene in Coney Island. OMG, you all have to be fucking lieing. I can't see it. Please, anyone you there, (perhaps you JC?) show me picture of how it looks cause I gotta tell ya.. I can't effin' see it.

I must be blind. Which would explain so much. But anyway, it's been a nice day. It's raining! Finally, a decent Sunday that isn't so god damn pathetic.

Well, I gotta go draw a naked person and work on my Nine Inch Nails Power Point presentation.

Oh wait, before I forget. I just thought I'd mention something rather amusing. A couple of months ago, I kinda started a small "online show" on YouTube with my friend Pedro, who's a dumbass. The videos involve him doing really dumb things in public or more importantly, the Laredo Community College. Anyway, the point to this was, some of the powers-that-be over at LCC have discovered the videos (what can I say, I put flyers in the bulletins at school of course it was going to happen). So, luckly for me, the don't know me and both Pedro and Juan never dropped my name when talking to some of these people, despite this little baby being my pet project. Well, from what I got.. the school is okay with the videos or whatever, just as long as I got "LCC" or "Laredo Community College" off the tags. Which, I of course did.

Yes, I'm a sellout. I sold out to the man, but whatever. I just didn't want them coming down on both Juan (not you JC, another Juan) and Pedro who both work there.

It's been a pretty popular account down here in Laredo.. or around our inner circle.

So, here's the account in question. It's called, "Lowering Standards with Pedro", be prepared to lose some braincells kids!

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Juan C. Garcia said...

you have to keep your focus on the right side of the screen and you see a little splash at the end before the camer----- *checks Youtube link* ----- ... ... alrighty then....