Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

4 New Commentary Notes Added!!

Happy Holidays, Kid Chameleons!

I hope you're all doing well, this fine season. Bundle up warmly, cause the weather is pretty chilly outside. Burr, I'm getting cold just thinking about it.

Anyways, on to some EXTREMELY long-over due updates to the Another Pilot Down website; I have added 4 new never-before-released Notes & Commentary entries. They are for, "The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones", "War Porn", "Like The Asian Holocaust", and "Watered-Down Hues". All four of them are revised, more professional, and more comprehensive notes that I have uploaded around the web. The commentary for the "Jamie Leigh Jones" drawing actually appears on FMLA's Fall '09 edition of "Hissy Fit" which I know some of my Dentonites have. :)

Well, that's all the updates for now. I've got some time off away from school for a bit, but instead of wasting time I plan on making some much needed adjustments and additons to the website. So hang tight, Kid Chameleons!