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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Coca-Cola Cowboy

You all know I love Coca-Cola right? Well, lately it seems I have been consuming wwaayy more Coca-Cola soft drinks then ever before in my life. I mean, we all know how much I used to drink it on a daily basis, but this time is seems it's gotten extremely worse. First off, I collect the bottle caps off the Coke products so I can enter the codes at, right? Well let me tell you, I have a little jar (FULL of the caps)! I can only enter 10 codes a day, and already I have an insane ammount of caps to enter all this week and possibly the next week. I currently have 1,000+ points, and I've actually bought a shirt a few months ago that was worth about 450 points. Not to mention I spent about 60 points to enter in the win-a-Wii contest. This time around I don't know what I want to get (might be headphones though).

Anyway, I've been drinking alot of Fantas. Before in LCC, I used to drink a lot of water from the water foutains, but now I find myself putting 75 cents inside the coke machine every friggin' day, knowing I have several 3-liters to come home too. It has become an addiction now, I think. Because unlike before I could stop drinking for a month or two and be just fine, but not this time. I don't think I can. I drink coke in the morning to take my meds with, at school to wake me up (even if it is 3 in the afternoon), back home again I drink some more coke to take my other meds, and then for dinner, and then one last time for my meds and sleeping pills.

There is hardly any water (or other liquids) in this kind of fucked up diet I've gotten myself into.

Also, I know Coke and soft drinks really fuck up your teeth (ie. stain them, make them weeker, bad breathe.. etc.) So I've got all these kinds of listerines and tooth pastes, it sucks. I can't stand the White Listerine that is suppose to whiten your teeth. Oh, boy.. it makes me throw up. It's bleach basically. Well of course bleach is going to whiten them! Urgh, though it tastes/smells so lamage.

Well, I've been rambling on about this. I have been trying to draw though. Unfortunately this whole social networking/watching TV online is getting the best of me big time. Argh. To much freedom is a killer, it seems. You lose sight on your projects and work.


Juan C. Garcia said...

watch TV online?
what? how?!

Jorge Gonzalez said...

Well, more like TV shows/sitcoms/anime, stuff like that.

Check it out:

Kay had given me that link awhile back. It's a really snazzy site. They try to have every episode of popular TV shows for streaming. It ain't that bad, I must say.

Kay C said...

Actually, black sodas do more to your body than just your teeth. Prolonged addiction is what makes breath smell bad, because it basically boils in your stomach and emits toxins... and those toxins are smelly.

If anything, it's your kidneys you have to worry about most.

!Fact time!

Colas contain ethylene glycol, which is used in anti-freeze. Mmm.

Juan C. Garcia said...

Anti-freeze eh?

*writes it down for future car problems*

In this heat, its best not to take chances!

SuperSonickers said...

Rofl, calm it down on that coke consumption man. The other weekend I single handedly had a 24 pack of coke finish within 4 days. Nothing good came out of it I tells ya. :(

Jorge Gonzalez said...

wtf?! What are you doing here Jaime?! rofl