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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Under The Weather

Urgh, so while the Thanksgiving weekend was pretty fun with Jaime coming down from Denton, I unfortunately caught a cold. It started with a lame sore throat during the week that prevented me from peforming "awesomely" in Rock Band, then now it's just kind of evolved into a crappy cold. I have a really annoying cough and a lot of congestion in my chest which is currently sucking the life out of me. :-/

Alas, I had a really good weekend hanging out with my brother, Fausto, and Tony really late at night. It was also cool to see my cousin Alison again, and I can't wait to join them all back in Denton next year. Yesturday I also bought Sonic Unleashed for Jaime cause at the end of the day we're Sonic fans, and we just had to see the latest installment in the franchise.. even if he does turn into a Werewolf.

All in all, the game seems pretty cool. The gameplay is really fast when you're Sonic but it does slow down to a crawl when you're the werehog, which sorta balances things out. Anywhow, here is a picture of Sonic and Sonic as the werehog:

So, I planned to do my Christmas shopping during the week while everybody is away at school and work (yeah, I'm doing this really early this time around), but if this shitty cold of mine is going to be crippling me, then I might have to wait. What a bummer, huh? I had it all planned too. I also need to buy some frames this week at Micheal's cause they're on sale. So I hope this cold before the end of the week.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Serious House on a Serious Earth

So I finished reading the Batman graphic novel, “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth” and now understand why lists the book as the 4th best Batman book of all time. It was jaw-dropping, terrifying, and on a personal level, emotionally exhausting.

While my favorite Bat-book is “The Long Halloween”, “Arkham Asylum” (written by Grant Morrison) isn’t like anything you’ve ever read from a Batman comic book. Infact, the book seems to feel more like a cross between a muddy painting, a Nine Inch Nails b-side from “The Downward Spiral”, and a Joel-Peter Witkin photo. The artwork (by Dave McKean) is raw, grimy, and very unbalanced which is unique for a comic book. This is element works perfectly with Morrison’s story, which shows our hero trapped in the asylum he’s put all his enemies in.

Without giving to much away, the monsters and bad guys of the Batman world have taken over the asylum, taking doctors and nurses hostages. In return, all the way is Batman to join them inside. Dressing up as a bat every night and fighting crime involves some level of insanity, just like the very animals Batman has placed inside that house. While these events take place, the story switches back and forth to the haunting and disturbing journal entries of Amadeus Arkham (who created the asylum). The villains interpreted here are far more scarier and sadistic than any previous incarnation that has ever been displayed before. The Mad Hatter struck out to me the most by how much more deranged and sick he was interpreted. Obsessed with “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” the Grant Morrison’s Mad Hatter was the very definition of a twisted pedophile that I don’t think was ever really touched on in any other Batman book prior to this one. Harvey Two-Face, after months and months of psyho-therapy has become completely incapable of handling simple decisions.

As I mentioned previously, there are moments in this book were I felt emotionally exhausted from how Batman was becoming mentally unhinged. I love Batman and it was pretty heartbreaking to read and see just how badly he was falling to his own demons.. and in front of all his enemies. The Joker laughs hysterically in one scene were Batman reveals in a simple word association test with one of the asylum’s doctors, just how alone and disturbed he really is. The other scenes that follow are intense and graphic, while the journal entries of Amadeus Arkham are tragic and tear-jerking.

So, unlike the “Knightfall” saga, were Batman is sick and physically weaken, this story shows you a more mentally defeated, scared, and suicidal hero. There are moments in “Serious House on a Serious Earth” were Batman looks like a small ten year old boy, still waiting for his mother to come and help him. You take a look inside Batman’s mental make-up, and while it’s dark, depressing, and disheartening to see just how fragile and insane he is, you just can’t put the book down.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Yippie!! New Killers DLC 4 RB!!

Set to colide with the release of their latest album, "Day & Age" Harmonix are going to release a new Killers track pack that contains my new favorite song of the month, "Spaceman"!! I can't wait! Jaime comes down next week so it's gunna be super awesome!! It's too exciting!

I think I should go buy that mic stand over at JC's store now. Buh-bye! *rocks off, whatever that means*

EDIT: WTF?! Why is it that I don't get some people's DeviantArt notes like right away? ..and it says like I read them or there old when they're not? Does this happen to everybody or just me, cause I get some but then I notice I've had like others for several weeks that I never even read. ..the fuck is up with that?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Nightman Cometh

Oh man, tonights season finale of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" was too funny. I love that they continued the whole, "Nightman" theme that Charlie wrote. So good.

Actually, all of tonights shows where really funnier than usual. "My Name is Earl", "Kath & Kim", "The Office", and "The Sarah Silverman Program" where all super funny. That's my Thursday nights in a nutshell. I watch a lot of comedy shows tonight which makes me a boring fellow. (Black and yellow..)

God dammit, I have "Bee Movie" stuck in my head. I swear the "pollination of the flowers" half of the film is too rushed. It goes by too fast and isn't as believable (as if a Bee going to court suing mankind wasn't already far-fetched enough). Anyway, I can't complain.

So like what's everybody into these days? "Twilight"..? Anybody actually going to see this latest peice of crap? I know I'm a drone, I don't pretend to hide that, but I can smell a "Disaster Movie" from far away and this one is full of bullshit. Silly kids. I suppose I am no different though. For kicks and giggles, here is what I have been reading:

Batman: Hush

Batman & Superman: Supergirl you can see, I'm somewhat of a Jeph Loeb fan. After all, how can I not, he's responsible for writing my favorite Batman graphic novel, "The Long Halloween". Which, I think you should all read even if you're not into reading comic books or like Batman. It's a really good mystery book and one of the very few books in my life that I could not put down.

Aaannnyyywwaaayy, that's enough kissing Jeph Loeb's ass for one evening, I have also been reading:

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth

If you can't ready tell by the cover and title of that novel, this one is pretty fucked wicked. And I don't mean Bill & Ted wicked, I mean Cold's "Just Got Wicked"-wicked. The artwork is distrubing too look at. The writing is haunting, and Harvey Two-Face pisses in his shorts cause he just doesn't know how to cope with life anymore. It's a very interesting read. It isn't like any other Batman story out there, that's for sure. Check it out if you want.

Right now, I'm going to go surf the web. Seeya.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Since I’ve stopped buying physical music albums, I sort of lost touch on what exactly is out there at stores. This past year I’ve pretty much downloaded about 85% of the music I have listened too. I think the only albums I actually bought were The Foxboro Hot Tubs, The Offspring, and both Nine Inch Nails releases (however, those don’t count since Trent pretty much gave those albums away for free).

Still, it really does amaze me when I am out and about at the store and I see the physical albums that I had long since downloaded before there releases only to see how much of a rip off you actually get. It’s really pathetic, to think I used to be such a loyal droid to the music industries system. For one thing, a few months ago I illegally downloaded Slipknot’s album, “All Hope Is Gone” which included three bonus tracks. Okay, I thought these bonus tracks were a normal thing attached to the release, but then while I was driving around with my friend Lilly I noticed her physical “purchased” album didn’t have the extra three bonus songs. On top of that, I downloaded P!nk’s latest album “Funhouse” which included two bonus songs. Again, I thought these tracks were found on all releases, but low and behold, Lilly’s copy only has 12 songs and not 14 like my digital “free” copy.

Oh, and don’t talk to me about sound quality either cause I only download 320kbps copies of albums and songs. (I’m not one of those FLAC kids yet, sorry.. but I like to listen to my music in my Zune thank-you-very-much.) Anyway, today I downloaded The Killers “Day & Age” four hours after it leaked, and already there are two bonus songs that have me doubt they’re even in the physical US version. While I’m really loving the album (“Spaceman”, “Neon Tiger”, and “Joyride” rule!), it’s the exclusives and separation of bonus songs that are such a turn off. I’m almost certain these decisions aren’t created by the actual rock bands themselves but their record labels and companies. I’m pretty sure P!nk intended on having the other two songs on her album cause they’re really good and definitely compliment her record. Same thing goes for The Killers. The industry loves to bitch how people like me killing everything, but am I really? I won’t bring in the shitty economy on to this, but come on, it’s pretty fucking obvious to see that the music industry grabbed a shotgun and shot themselves in the foot by trying to fuck over their costumers. The only reason I bought The Offspring’s album, “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” (while I had it for free 1 week before it’s release INCLUDING the bonus track “OC Life”), is because at heart, I have been a big fan of them for years and years and I felt it was my duty as a loyal fan to go out that day and buy their album. But you know what? You can’t rely on that all the time Mr. Bigwig Musicbiz, because even buying it I knew it was a bullshit move to screw over fans by not having the extra track. Shit, copies of there previous album “Splinter” have had bonus DVD’s in other countries outside the United States.

While giving some countries or big box stores exclusives may seem nice and cute, is it any wonder why sales of physical albums have been plummeting to the ground each year? Why should I go out

As for supporting the bands, I do. You see, while I have downloaded all 4 albums by The Killers without buying any of their albums I did buy two tickets to their upcoming tour. That’s money the industry doesn’t touch, it goes straight to the band. I still buy band merch and as you all know, I go to plenty of shows.

So I guess the more I see it, the more it becomes clear that the whole “support the band by buying the CD at a big box store” is just a gimmick. If you really want to support them go out and buy their discs at their concert or purchase their shirts at Hot Topic or official online stores.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I’ve been so out of it lately. Some days I feel nice and my pain isn’t as severe, but other days it becomes such an annoying tension that I can’t seem to get anything done. I’m also running out of the pain killers, which sucks. I have like 3 more days tops. That scares me cause I feel I need to them to go to bed. : (

Maybe it’s all in my head. Perhaps I have been letting all the little things irk me so easily. Like, these days KC has been acting like such an a-hole. They say cats will let you live longer, but these days it feels like KC’s just been taking away days out of my calendar. As I recover the dander and his fur seem to really bother me more than usual. I am not understanding what his problem is sometimes. or mine for that matter. He gets all the finest chicken, AquarYUMs, beef, and occasional salmon and egg with butter. He has had new toys and litter box since like the beginning of the Fall. Heck, he even has a girlfriend when he goes outside! (Yes, the first girl cat he has ever actually shared the backyard with and not gotten in a huge fight or gotten pissy over territory.) Even though that other cat is not mine, and is owned by the kid two or three houses down, I still leave out water for her. Anyhow, all this freedom and me being home 24/7 has gotten the Kaser Kat pretty spoiled. He doesn’t want to listen sometimes and acts like I’m an idiot. It’s true, he has this look like, “Fuck you, you’re not the boss of me bitch.” Urgh..

But again, maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s all this recovering and waiting around that has being more exhausted, frustrated, and annoyed at everything around me. I can’t seem to sit down and draw or think of anything to do in terms of art. While that was to be expected, it still kind of sucks cause I just spend each day doing nothing after nothing. Funny I should say that, cause I am always talking about never wasting an opportunity, yet I’ve been doing that since late October.

Oh, well. Blah-blah, bleh..

Monday, November 10, 2008

"Vicodin Blues" gets covered by Babay Jicks & The Ghoul Fiends

Hey everyone, I got some cool news. My poem "Vicodin Blues" was recently covered/sung by local, avant-grade, acousmatic, and experimental group Babay Jicks & The Ghoul Fiends! This marks the first time any of my poems has been turned into an actual song! It's pretty neat cover and I really like how they totally incorprated my words into their style. For those who've never heard of Babay Jicks, they might not get the The Ghoul Fiends' sound right away. So, for those of you who haven't heard of them check out their MySpace page as well as their page for full song downloads and streams.

They incoporate a lot of their influences really well, and everytime I see em' in person I always support them. Also, from what I understand, the lead singer and frontman tells me this is just a demo and will more than likely see the finished version in a couple of days or so. So, I'll post that whenever it gets officially released.

Anywho, without further adue, here is the "Vicodin Blues" cover:

Babay Jicks & The Ghoul Fiends - "Vicodin Blues" (With Trimmings)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hope Prevails

It's over.

The most grueling, frustrating, and emotionally draining presidential election of my generation has finally ended. Never has an election exposed American’s darkest intentions involving racism and sexism so carelessly into the media and politics. It was maddening. Coupled with the crumbling economy, it was enough to make any sane person, jump off the deep end.

However, tonight; November 4th, 2008 my generation, the people of my age came out to the polls. Hispanics, women, artists, gamers, movie-fans, writers, college students, Asians, and minorities of all kinds came out to show the world just how sick and tired we are of the pornography continuously spilled from George W. Bush’s pen.

This country needed a change. It needed a make-over. It needed a leader whom we can actually feel proud of, and tonight, we did just that.

Thank you to everybody whom voted for Barack Obama tonight and during early voting. I don’t think I could have survived another 4 years of the same-thing, same-song, karaoke-copy, bullshit-politics that McCain and Palin promised us. There was way to much at stake. Thank you all, from all over the United States.

Yes we can!

Monday, November 3, 2008

23, and still an emo kiddo.

I was prescribed Lorazepam today after a visit to my doctor. It's a benzo that will control my anxiety. Which is good, cause I've been having it pretty shitty since last week. I find myself extremely (yes, extremely) jittery and just as emotional if I'm drunk and depressed. I mean, it's pretty normal for me to cry like a baby during the ending to "Terminator 2" or "The Sixth Sense" while I am sober and fine. But these days I start tearing up watching Barack Obama make a speech as I my mind races with everything that is at stake if the old, white, fucker and his MILF wins this election. If I see or read anything remotely inspiring or uplifting, I start to tear up like a little girl watching the Jonah's Brothers in concert for the first time.

I hate it. It hurts more than you'd think too. Which is strange, but that's what's going on. I haven't taken the pills yet, as I am waiting for a few hours before I go to sleep. I hope they can help me out on that department. I hate waking up drenched in my cold sweat.

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day. Let's see if America is ready to let go of history and actually move forward for once. I have little hope in humanity, so please prove to me we are ready to get away from the same bullshit we've have had to endure all our lives.

Till, then. Buh-bye.