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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Life Less Ordinary

Today has been a really crooked day. I was pretty high most of the day in LCC from my Vicodin and I did absolutely nothing in class. Which sucks, cause there is a lot to finish up now. Only two more weeks for crying out loud! Regardless, I was just walking dazed and sleepy. I got to show Mrs. Bausman my website though, as well as a few the students. I don’t think I would have shown them had I not been under the influence. Anyway, they liked them.

It’s just weird for everybody to finally see, “Fuck My Face” and “The Gimp” on a screen at school no-less. I remember having to explain myself about “Fuck My Face” (which as usual, was a big success). Good thing for mutilated cocks. Anyway I forgot what I said, hope it wasn’t too obvious that I was on something.

By the way, in the morning I got an e-mail from a picture-editor who works for Russian magazine, CEO. He told me that in an upcoming issue they’re going to have an article on the record industry, and one of the things mentioned will be Trent Reznor’s “Ghosts I-IV” release. They needed an illustration and he asked kindly if they could use one of my TR drawings. They’d give me credit and everything. I immediately e-mailed him back saying they had my permission to use the drawing and asked them if they could put my e-mail address in parenthesis next to my name when they published it. So far, it looks like a done deal.

Pretty wicked, huh? Also, today my mom got another tattoo on her back. This time it’s one she designed herself (it’s true, I had nothing to do with it). It’s got me and Jaime’s names, around a heart with a key dangling in the bottom. You know, “the key to my heart” sort of thing? Yeah, yeah, you know what I mean. Here’s a picture of it:

Anyway, after I got back from class, I crashed out the entire night. Like, OMG.. totally lame ass. I have to finish my powerpoint and I am far from it. *gulp*

Oh yeah I forgot, GTA4 comes out tomorrow. I hope Jaime gets it. Cause I want to play it!! Oh, the MSI disc comes out too. I’ll going to go out to get that one.

Buh-bye for now kiddos.

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