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Friday, April 25, 2008

TAMIU Senior Show

Tonight was TAMIU Senior Show. It's a show of the graduating Art Majors of TAMIU. Above of is a picture of me with my friend Natalie. She had an entire wall devoted to her work. It was a pretty nice show overall.

We got to talk about several things about art and stuff. She takes art really serious, and I slowly I'm learning more and more about art and its importance. I think this is why I gotta keep going to shows like these. I enjoy talking to people who are actually going out there and taking chances. She was saying that it was the frist time any of her family has really seen her artwork because a lot of it is really personal to her. A lot like the way I am with my peices.

But like I said, slowly I am breaking away from my shell. ..and I like it. Ever since I decided to open up my MySpace account, it's just been so great. In a lot ways it's becoming very liberating. My artwork has been able to gain an entirely new audience and the feedback comes quick everybody who didn't know me, sees my work and suddenly they're blown away! It's amazing. What I do like is that mostly if not all the people in my "friends space" are people that I know from school or whatever, so it totally gives them a chance to seem more of me than what I do put out in person. So, even though I still take sleeping pills to go to sleep, my sleep has been more peaceful. Like suddenly, my demons are not as attached to me as they once were.

I like that. I can't wait for me and my crew to go crash and hit up more art shows around the area. Oh yeah, there was free wine and beer at this show too, so things got funny. haha.

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