Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Monday, June 30, 2008

I Gun San Antonio

It seems that I just don’t like San Antonio at all. Period. I’m sure, I like going to hang out with some friends or going to concerts, but I gotta say; it’s right up there with how I feel about Houston. I just don’t like that city. Even though we’re 2 and half hours away from San Antonio, the atmosphere and surroundings are different and my annoyance radar is easily set off.

After some thought, it’s clear of where my dislike comes from. Like Houston, San Antonio has always been a place that I’ve basically gone for just doctor appointments. When I was younger, I had a major back surgery in Houston as well as a lot of check-ups. San Antonio is the same and conjures up a lot of crappy memories. I’ve spent many nights in hospital beds over there and I find myself saying “Goodbye“ more often than not.


Anyway, I have to go San Antonio tonight to pick up Valarie from the airport. She went to see an internet friend in Kansas City, Missouri. Even though it’s only for a couple of hours, I don’t really like being in San Antonio or that particular airport for too long. Too many bad memories, too many shitty experiences in that town.

I’m sure the Kill Hannah show on the 13th will be neat; though no amount of concerts will ever take a way my feelings toward that city. Oh, well.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I went to the movies today to go see "Wall-E", Pixar's new animated feature film.

I have to admit, I didn't want to go see it. Infact, I thought it was going to be really lame. I had no idea what to expect, since the trailers and teasers pretty much sucked because it hardly even explained anything. Then when I heard the movie had very little dialogue.. I knew I was in for something extremely boring. I actually considered going to go see "Wanted" since it looks so brainless and mind-numbingly pleasing.

But alas, the majority won and I went to go see "Wall-E" and during the first 15 minutes I knew this was something special. Pixar once again exceeds all expectations and leaps thousands of miles across other rival animation studios.

What makes "Wall-E" so unique? ..shit, where do I start? The movie takes place in the future, when the human race has long since left planet Earth into the shithole they made it to be. After using the Earth's resources for so long and destroying it's wildlife, parks, rivers, and oceans for their personal gain, the human's decided to leave Earth for space.

Now in the future, the human race has become fat, lazy, and stupid (hmm.. kinda like.. nah, it can't be today? Can it?). Advertising, technology, and commercialism have a complete control over the population. This is our world, and we are all Gods in it. In the process, we've lost everything that ever made us human. Nobody walks anymore, we're carried to our desination. Nobody cooks, we all get our food from a 7-11 JUMBO Cup, and nobody loves or knows any kind of compassion because there is a television screen infront of our face 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is where "Wall-E" shines the most. The movie is a love story between our mute hero, Wall-E, whom has fallen in love with an even more futuristic robot, Eve. What you'll learn in this movie is that Wall-E and Eve are the human beings in this film. They are the last ones to have a heart. The humans that come out in this film are the robots. They've lost what it's like to fall in love. Wall-E and Eve are the last lovers in universe, and you'll come out of the movie feeling pretty good. Because in the end, love conqures all no matter how grim it looks. :)

You know, before the movie started they showed previews to some really stupid CG animated cartoons that are going to come out. Brainless bullshit movies like "Madagascar 2" with the obnoxious music, and shitty celebrity voices.

It's funny, "Wall-E" doesn't even have A-list voice actors like Jack Black, Ben Stiller, or Angelina Jolie, yet it is far more entertaining, smart, and has a deep personal message to make. After seeing "Ratatouille" and now seeing "Wall-E" it's pretty clear that Pixar is no longer following the rules and I really, really, like that. Dreamworks, Fox, and Universal could learn a lot from these artists. ;)

Anyway, while I was at the movie theater I also decided to get tickets this one other movie that seemed kind of interesting. Maybe you've heard of it?

It's on. ;)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

"New Valve"

My latest drawing entitled, "New Valve" has now been released to my website, DeviantART, SheezyArt, MySpace, and Facebook.

Unlike previous drawings released this year, "New Valve" is the first that touches on the heart attack that I experienced back in the Fall of 2007. Since that was a very dark time period of my life, a lot of ideas were penned and this is the first drawing of many in a series dealing with the events leading up to the attack as well as recovering from it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

A new drawing will premire soon..

Don't worry, kool kats. A new drawing entitled, "New Valve" will be premireing soon. Maybe this weekened even. Should be neat.

I'm off to go sing "Doolittle" in it's entirety. Bye, bye.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Lurker

"I can see you.."



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Artwork of KC Gato Cat!

Hewwo everybody! A special MEOW to all my friends over at the car wash! Hope you don't get wet guys!! lulz

Today my daddy bought me my own art bin!! Complete with supplies and everything!!!111

Oooooooohhh!!! There is a lot of really nice things in here!

DADDY! PLS dunt look over my shoulder like that. You iz makin' me nervous!!22

Ooohh, I can has this color!

So I got my pencil colours and I sat down next to my dad in the kitchen table and we both started to draw together. He was wurking on some new drawwings about his life and things that have happened to him. He's aways sssooo serious, but he's a really good artist and i r proud of him. ^_^ lolololol

After about a good 4 hours we both were done drawing and I got to make FIVEEE!!!!! DRAWINGSS!!!!!! OMG!!!! lololol roflcopter!!

You want to see them?





OKAY! I will show you my drawings.

Here's the first one!

rofl rofl, this is my family! My mommy, my daddy, and ME!!!11

Here's the 2nd one!

This is a drawing about me catching a GEKO LIZARD in the backyard!


lol! oh daddy ur so funny sometimes lolololol


one of my favorite movies is Superman RETURNS!! So this is a drawing of me as Superman flying around the world saving ppl from crime and bad guys! :D

..and here is the last drawing I made 2day!

I made this for my momma whom I love very very very very much!! ^_^ I LOVE YOU MOMMA!!

Well that is all 4 2day, i really lik'd draween with my dad so i might make more soon!! BYE BYE EVERYONE MEOW MEOW!! XD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

KC tries to play Rock Band

Meow, meow! How is everybody tonight? *licks himself* I'm doing good here. Today was the day the new album by "HE OFFRPNG" came out inside stores!! I could not go inside the stores, so my dad had to go and get it for me. Last time he took me to BEAST BYE, the person told me I had to hang around with the "Geek Squids" cuz they didn't allow dogs and cats and other blue berries inside the store.

That is the cover artwork. It looks so cool. I look so handsome. wtf chains

"Yum!" CHOMP!

Silly KC, CD's r not 4 eating, they are 4 holding.
What's with the purple towel?

So 2day, I thought it would be a good day to start play the ultra kool new video game, ROCK BANDS!!!!0111shfiftyfive

I rofl-pwned Tony Stark! lololololololololololololololol

I also tried the drums!

"..Donkey Konga? Nope, it's the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!" XD


..but then.

"The Perfect Drug.. on expert?! Are you cereal?"

"Hey is that a sock on the floor, dad? I am going to go closer."

"Kiss my arse Metallica I CAN HAS SOCK!"

"i'm in ur socks makin' holes wit mah 9inch nails."

"Stop taking pictures of me dad."

More tomarrow!! BYE BYE!! MEOW MEOW!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Kaser Kat has taken over Another Pilot Down!!

Greetings from la familia Gonzalez! MEOW MEOW! I am KC the Cat, but some of people call me Kase, Kaser, Kaser Gato, Mr. Meow, and apparently the cute girl down the street thinks my name is Paco. *shakes head* What-evah! I have now taken over my dad's blog and have over thrown him! Mwuahahahaha!

Prepare for the KC REVOLUTION!! My momma will be so proud!! I hear she made me a Facebook account! Atleast that's what my dad says. Since I now I have complete control of his things, I shall see! :D

Meow, Meow, Meow! Here is a picture of me chlaxing in my favorite part of the kitchen! Under the table, while my dad tries to convince himself that he is an artist. rofl rofl! Meow Meow!

I'm just kidding about my dad. I like to poke fun at him sometimes cause he takes his work so seriously. Meow Meow! He should lighten up, huh? Anyway, I want to do some drawings too. Maybe tomarrow I will show you some of my own artwork.

Oh yeah, I am taking over for one whole week. So expect some my silliness over the next few days. It's going to out of sight!! Meow Meow!!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to stretch!

Bye bye everyone!! Meow Meow!! Night, night Momma!!

New Splash Page

This is my 100th journal entry here in Another Pilot Down! Excluding the drunken posts of course. Since I always delete those. Haha.

Anyway, I updated the splash page with a new splash picture. It also has a warning at the top of the page that the artwork is explicit and shouldn't be viewed by children. I was meaning too change it up for a while now cause having "The Gimp" as an opening picture is pretty risque' to say the least.

I might change the layout later. I need to go to bed so I can get up and do my 6 hour drawing routines. Hopefully I get these new drawing done really soon. Some are pretty personal and others are pretty political. Ya know, same ol' song and dance.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

enodnu tfel doog eht

Sometimes I wish I was a preist, so people can listen to me. I wouldn't have to go to school and get "an education" and people would still believe the words I said. I could say things like, "abortion is bad" and "god hates gays" and people would believe it. I could even tell you that evolution doesn't exist and that Global Warming is a lie, and none of you would question me. I could even say, "god exists" without giving you any proof whatsoever, and you would eat it up.

And if I was a Catholic priest I'd have to option of touching little boys, but I think I'll leave that to the others.

Still, it must be nice to say whatever you wanted knowing you had a legion of men and women of all ages believe you.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bang, bang, it hammers in my head.. in my head, in my..

Yay!! "Hammerhead" the latest single by The Offspring is going to be on Rock Band starting on Tuesday next week! The same day the new album, "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" hit's stores! I'm so excited! This is going to be so cool. I can't wait to sing it and peform it.

So, good news aside, the bad news going on in George-town is DeviantART's retardedness of deleting the censored version of "War Porn". Those mother fuckers, I swear. I respect the fact that it's their website, and they can do whatever the shit they want; but what irks me is that so much bullshit "art" gets accepted on that site while my art says so much about important things going on in our society and culture, that it gets deleted.

Come on. Just call yourself DeviantFART or take the word "ART" off your site name because it's obviously false advertising. Have some balls. What they sell is bullshit, and let me tell you, bullshit is not art. I admire a lot of real artists there, and I respect them, but come on.. a DeviantART account is hardly a portfolio. I'd be the laughing stock in graduate school if I put that on my resume' or even considered it a portfolio.

DeviantART is Photobucket, at best.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

*drinks an orange Fanta*

Today was a pretty productive day with my artwork. Things are shaping up well, but there is still much, much, much, much more to be done. Is work ever finished for an artist? Heh, I think not.

So I finally got around to seeing “The Big Lebowski“. (Yeah, I know. Sue me.) The movie was really funny. John Goodman is such an asshole and a moron. lol! He kind of stole the show with all the crap he would say and how he’d react to situations. For having such a pointless life, “The Dude” had quiet the adventure. Haha.

It’s obviously a movie I should buy. Same thing goes for the movie “Spun“. OMG.. When Ralph showed me that movie, I was just shocked and very appalled. That was one crazy fuckin’ trip of a movie. It’s such a slick film and has a lot of really good actors in it (as well as some of the best cameos by the likes of Deborah Harry, Billy Corgan, and Rob Halford) and yet I had never even heard of it. It’s even a 2002 film. Weird, huh? Regardless it’s cool and I should really go out and buy it. The soundtrack was produced by Billy Corgan so it’s got a nice mix of strange and kooky tunes.

Tomorrow I’m going to be going to the movies with my cousin to see that Bleach movie at the movie theater in the mall. It’s one time thing, and I have no fucking idea what the hell that anime series is even about so I might be confused up the ass. The only thing I know about that series is that it’s popular with the kids and they show it in Cartoon Network. Other than that, I’m just lost. But whatever, it gets me out of the house, right? Also tomorrow night I might go see a free screening of The Incredible Hulk with Valarie over at Mauricio’s movie theater. Maybe, who knows.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Raging Gracefully

I've been kind of busy in my little laboratory putting my god damn neurosis onto paper. Things are going okay, but I’d really like to get my own easel since some of my work is getting a bit bigger.

Oh, so I’ve been listening to the new Offspring album, “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” (which is scheduled to come out next week) all day yesterday and today in my lil‘ Zune 30. I gotta say, the album is fantastic! Boy, I’ve missed these guys. The last time we had a proper album was back in 2003. Shhessh, time has most certainly gone by. “Rage and Grace” is defiantly the album they needed to make. There isn’t any “joke” songs and most of the lyrics are much more deeper and have a twisted kind of meaning to them. I mean, for one thing “Hammerhead” starts off as a political anti-war kind of song but it isn’t towards the end of the track that you realize it was taken into the perspective of a student doing a school shooting. “Kristy, Are You Doing, Ok?” is about Dexter talking about girl he used to be friends with as a kid whom was sexually abused and “A Lot Like Me“ has to be one of more melancholic sounding tunes that Dexter has written since “Amazed” back on 1997’s “Ixnay on the Hombre.”

So The Offspring took themselves pretty seriously on this record, and I love it! The band has grown up with me and I‘m glad. :D With songs like “Half-Truism”, “A Lot Like Me”, “Nothingtown”, “Fix You”, and “Shit is Fucked Up” I hear myself in those songs these days. Still at 22, the group that will forever have a place in my heart is still writing the soundtrack to mah life. Oh, and let us not forget “You’re Gunna Go Far, Kid”.. finally The Offspring did a dance track! OMG, me likely mucho.

Well, that’s all. I need to go back to work, these little monsters aren’t going to finish themselves.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Tonight was Mrs. Bausman's art show at the Laredo Center for the Arts. A few of us got to go to it but some of the other crew were either stuck at work or couldn't make it because they were probably passed out or something. Still, it the show was neat. Though they ran out of wine a little to quickly. I was kinda buzzing for about a good hour and a half. Sucks.

I met one of Eddie's friends, Cindy whom told me that she had seen some of my work. Apparently Eddie showed her "War Porn" (the uncensored edition over at my account). She liked it a lot, and said I had a lot of talent. But since she is an older woman she is a bit more conservative about certain parts of that drawing in which she said she "couldn't look at", which I understand wholeheartedly. Alas she wanted to know where a lot of that sort of thing comes from and I basically told her where a lot of my ideas come from and why it is the way they are.

It was a nice time. Oh, and apparently Mrs. Bausman had "Throwing Up Water & Acid" hung in her bedroom wall for awhile. Unfortunately she took it down because her son (who also was at the show) was "scared of it" and demanded that it be taken out cause he didn't like the figure. I thought that was funny. I usually joke that my artwork "scares kids" and here is a perfect example of just that.

But it meant a lot to me that she actually had it hung on her wall. It made me realize that people are listening. Things are going further than what I could have ever pictured as a 22 year old Hispanic with a crutch. People do understand and they are getting something out of my artwork.

Alas, back in internet-land, I think I am unintentionally making an enemy in my DeviantART account over some of my beliefs and things that I have mentioned in "War Porn". While I'm glad I'm challenging those around me and allowing users and viewers to be more aware of issues that affect not just women but society as a whole; I feel some people are just there to argue and not necessarily learn anything. Which of course doesn't get anybody, anywhere.

Still I'm optimistic and I think the persons in question are willing to learn and not try to just be a bully of some kind.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

some kind of dispondent feeling


I'm not gonna lie, but lately I have been a such an asshole to some of my friends. I've pissed a lot of them off and thus are staying clear from me. I don't know why I am doing it. I don't know where a lot of this aggression is coming from. The only thing that I do I know is that I am doing a hell of a good job making those around me; avoid me.. and it sucks.

I'm sorry you guys. I don't know why I've just been so angry and depressed lately. I seem to be snapping easier these days. It doesn't even take a lot for me to snap.

Maybe I just miss being on a road and away from here? I had such a good time at my concerts, maybe I'm pissy I don't have that anymore. Maybe it's easier getting by while I am at school. I can function normally like a regular kid my age if I just continuously surround myself with tons of people.

Perhaps that's it. I've stopped “living” dramatically and the only person I really have to talk to is myself, and I can tell you he isn't much of a good friend at all. Urgh.. existentialism is-oh-so great. : /

Again, I’m sorry you guys. You know who you are..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well isn't that funny.

I'm number 1 in the Studio Arts category and my friend Eddie is number 3.

Heh. I guess I shouldn't let children get me down if I am obviously number one. >:D

Monday, June 2, 2008

No Place For Me

Well (as assumed) my latest entry was deleted from Sheezy as was my political rebel yell, "War Porn". :(

Some of my finest peices and yet they're getting deleted. How am I suppose change the world if I'm continuously getting removed.

Anyway, I got a "warning" from Sheezy saying that my work is pornographic and went on to quote their Terms of Service. Here's what the mod had to say:

The below submissions have been removed because they were deemed pornographic for the listed reasons:

Artwork #1793048:
"A Moment to Myself": explicitly depicted sexual act

Artwork #1775638:
"War Porn": masturbation

If you continue to post images depicting pornographic material, you will be banned.

Suddenly my art gets reduced too "images depicting pornographic material" and not.. well.. art. That pisses me off. Is it my fault that you found it arousing? It wasn't suppose to get you off. "A Moment to Myself" depicted my state of loneliness and was my small way of expressing myself as to how I felt during the months of October, November, and early December as I was recovering from my emergency heart surgery. I’m sorry Sheezy, that I am not like 97% of the twits in your site who post MS Paint Bitmaps of their ultra-super-original-anime/ninja/furry-hybrid character with the lopsided double D breast and the spikey hair hero with a huge sword.

Sorry that it actually takes me a long time to draw something and actually deem it art. I can’t take a shit like you all and call that art because, quite frankly, I take it too seriously to disrespect the medium like that. So it really pisses me off that you all belittle my work like that when I have far more talent on my fucked up spinal cord than any of your staff will ever even begin to comprehend.

So fuck you SheezyArt and fuck you too nike13. You god damn, piece of shit hypocrite. You do nothing but Ecchi and get away with it. I guess I now understand why you kept “Incarcerated Dearest” uploaded for so long. Little bitch.. you're just another lost cause.. lost in your saftely blanket.

But whatever, whatever. Stay stupid idiots. Like Kay keeps telling me, I am getting much more successful outside of the internet. I don’t think I could ever be as successful as I am now doing jpegs such as this. Come to think of it, I don't think I can look at myself in mirror with a straightface trying to convince myself into believing that I am artist or let alone, think I am talented. I'm not blind to the facts. about that Virgin wine I mentioned in my description.

apathy returns it's offence

My latest peice of shit has been uploaded to SheezyArt and my official website. Don't see it. Don't comment.

So I wouldn't leave my oh-so-precious-account without anything, I decided to upload "Katherine" to my always loyal DeviantART account. It had been on Sheezy for about a week now.

"Katherine" was the last drawing I did in my Life Drawing class. Infact, the photo doesn't do it justice at all. The physical one is pretty neat, and I think I should consider frameing it. In terms of design and space, I did a decent job.

Oh, and so far the comments for "A Moment to Myself" have been what I expected out the Sheezy. Anime kids. *rolls eyes*

Though with that said, I get the feeling the admins will be taking it off soon. -_-

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dear Journal,

Hi, it's me Doug.

Well today was a really laid back day. Not a whole lot happened in my world. I suppose that's good. But I can't help but feel as if nothing productive really happened. Skeeter came by for a bit, but it was only to borrow some of Judy's pot. I guess I should start drawing in a bit. Oh wait, Beebe is calling me.

Hold on.

Oh, okay.

She just wanted to know the showtimes for the movie Prince Caspian.

Well, anyway I'm really close of finishing up new drawing, "A Moment to Myself" which is one of my most homoerotic/twisted/perverted work to date. The more I think about it, I don't think I will be releasing this one on DeviantART (same thing applies to MySpace, Self Portrait, and even this blog). Rodger, Patty, Connie, and Chauky are on my friends list and I don't think I want them to see that picture. While the drawing is suppose to be humorous (see, I don't take everything to seriously) it might be misinterpreted very differently and I just don't want to put up with that. It will be an exclusive to SheezyART and my website.

It should premire in a few days so keep an eye out for that. (Porkchop has seen it and says it's the weirdest one yet.)

As for uploading, "War Porn" and "Fuck My Face" back on DeviantART again, I am still thinking about how exactly that's going to be. Oh and just to let ya'll know, for whatever reason MySpace deleted "Rust" from my Drawings album a couple of days ago. I'm not sure why since my more strange and pornographic drawing, "The Gimp" is still uploaded. I just don't get it. @_@ (This country can be a little weird.)

Anyway Journal, I will end off by saying that I'm glad it's finally June! Only seventeen more days for THE NEW BEETS ALBUM! "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace"!! I can't wait. I think it's going to be the best album by The Beets to date! Also we are one more month closer for the new Quailman movie! THE DARK QUAIL!! It's going to be awesome. I'm sure Heath Ledger is going to get an Oscar nod for sure.