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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On A Friday

I'm having second thoughts about a certain something..

The mentality and ideology of letting everything that does not matter truly slide, isn't as easy to practice. I guess maybe it's because I now have several images to uphold and some kind of "life" that I hadn't really had in the past. This pathetic existance we've dubbed a living is forcing me to pick a side.

I'm only 22, I shouldn't have to abuse myself like this. Something so easy, I'm complicating. : / But then again, I do have the rest of my life to be miserable, right now I should embrace the otherwise questionable lifestyle. It's comes with the age, I guess.

"Oh my love, where's the danger?"

I guess your right Davey. Regardless, I will be forced to make a decision very soon and that might hurt a lot. ._.

1 comment:

Juan C. Garcia said...

oh boy.
hang in there George.

You're stronger than you think.

And i wouldnt be saying this if it wasnt true!