Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wake Me Up When September Ends

The final two pieces of artwork from my very intensive and highly productive “September Sessions” will be released on Sunday, October 5th at the same time. These last two pieces of art will more than likely be the last uploaded to my website or art accounts for the rest of the year.

Unless something extraordinary happens, I don’t see myself finishing or creating new artworks until early 2009.

It has a been a rather productive month and while I do not like my current situation, this past year has been a good one to me. I was very successful with my art actually being displayed in an art show, my Trent Reznor portrait was published in a foreign magazine, I got to take a picture with Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, I went to a lot of concerts with my brother Jaime, and I have an apartment up in Denton.

While next week looks to be another physically and mentally enduring time for my life, I am making a promise to myself not to fall into darkness. I need to remain strong in these coming weeks that are ahead of me. I am making a promise not to let negative thoughts or acting on angry emotions get the best of me.

I promise to be strong as I can be.

Oh, and hopefully not miss The Sarah Connor Chronicles. lol!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Year One


So yeah, I'm back in Laredo. *rolls eyes*

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Updates to My Website

I made it a point to consentrait on my website today and give it some much needed updates. Well, nothing to much. I just kind of changed the layout to the original artwork section just a little bit but the biggest change that I gave the site was my Artist Statement in the Profile section. It was really outdated before (and hardly a statement of my work). It was more of a "what I plan to do" and was written back in high school. I'm glad I wrote a new one and is better reflective of me and my art.

Anywho, the final drawings and poems from the September Sessions will premire sometime in the early days of October (or maybe a lot sooner).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What? A New Cynical Chameleon Drawing?!

"Dick Drawing for Mariel" (Cynical Chameleon 20)

OMG!! It's a BIG PENIS!!! O_O!!

Ouch, that has got to hurt. Kinda like a girl's first time having sex, no? I would imagine the pain might hurt just as much as being poked in the butt by that ugly sausage McMuffin I drew above. I guess life is just bonkers like that. We worship and indulgence in the weirdest things. *goes back to drink his Long Island Ice Teas*

So what's this post about?

Oh yeah, my penis drawing.

Okay well, this was done for my friend Mariel (obviously, since it says in the name. Like, dduuhhh.) *rolls eyes*

Oh look, here is a picture of me and her after I had a few Long Islands (or was it wine? I can't be bothered to remember.):

Okay, so like.. have any of you seen the movie Superbad? Ya know, the overrated teen comedy about two kids trying to lose their virginity before they get out of high school (boy, that's a VERY ORIGINAL MOVIE, now that I think about it!)? I don't think anybody has ever thought of such an original plotline before!! It's good to see movies thinking outside of the box.


Wait, what the fuck? Okay, so whatever. Long story short, if you've seen the movie you know that Seth (the main character) drew a lot of dicks and cocks in his notebook while growing up. It's this weird backstory that he had. In his notebook he'd morph penis and dicks into like people, monsters, or dinos and shit. Okay, so anyway, Mariel (being the fan of the movie that she is actually bought the "Superbad Notebook" as you can see by the pictures below.

So, since Mariel really likes how I draw penis' and dicks she asked if I could draw one for her notebook (she has a lot of her friends do dick drawings in it). I guess she collects different artists renditions of dicks. So being the awesome heterosexual that I am, I thought sure why not! It's not often that I get to draw a lt of dicks so I'll do a nice one.

And I did.

It's a Cynical Chameleon drawing.

Like, totally WTF, right?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Joker & Harley Quinn in Rock Band 2

So, it's no suprise that I've been pretty much playing RB2 non-stop since it's release last Sunday. Well, aside from creating my character Ice back from Rock Band 1, I decided to do something cool and create more characters for our friends to play as instead of using a stock character. So I went ahead and created both The Joker and Harley Quinn from Batman.

Needless to say, they were a lot of fun to make. I created everything about them and I'm really proud of the results. I'm especially proud of Harley. I wanted to totally modernize her like the way Heath Ledger modernized the Joker in TDK. It was tough (not like they have any jester-style clothes) but in the end I came up with a Harley Quinn for the generation. She came out more psyhotic looking than Joker! I guess it's cause I was free to experiment with a wide varitey of looks. As you can see by the pictures below I went for the smeared make-up look.

Also, I am aware that they have a black normal mask (the kind that Harley does use in the Batman cartoon), but I decided that I'd rather have her in make-up than a mask. Oh, also I'm really proud of the Joker's "Why So Serious?" guitar that I designed. Everybody who comes by really like's what I did with the characters.

Okay so without further adue, here are the pictures of Joker and Harley!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Long September

I have to be honest here, despite getting and having a good time playing the new Rock Band 2 game with my friends, things inside this little skull of mine have been pretty down in the dumps. These past couple of days I’ve just been thinking about a lot of things. About this past year. I’ve never really liked this month at all. Like my friend Valerie, I too can attest how September’s never been a month for mercy. I’m starting to believe that last year’s September never really did end for me.

Though, one thing that has been bothering me is my cousin Adam. He had gotten married this past Spring and it looks as if he’s going to be getting a divorce very soon. I shouldn’t talk or say anything, but it looks as if his entire world is coming crashing down. He isn’t in a very good position at all and if what I have heard is true, then he was played beyond repair. It’s very devastating to me and it really brings me down cause he’s the kind of guy who’s really worked hard for everything he’s had.

I can only hope if he get’s through this that he leaves Laredo and joins his brother up in Austin for a fresh new start. I think that’s the best way to go. I find that being away from Laredo there is so much freedom. I like that I can start anew here in Denton. It is exciting, but only if you want it to be.

Which is why it bothers me when your past starts to catch up to you. I first wanted to leave Laredo as a means of running away from that place. My room was no longer my room, my house no longer felt as if it was mine, and it was only when I was away from there that I could truly feel well about myself and life in general. So I left to Denton. But I guess you can only run so far cause mentally, if you haven’t yet reconciled with your past mistakes then you can’t really move the way you’d like.

So because of this, because of this freedom, it’s so easy for my memories and monsters to creep up inside my lonely head. While I have always been having dreams about her, it seems lately they’ve been more than ever. I miss her a lot. I can’t seem to fully enjoy myself because the dreams and memories are becoming much more sharper and much more deeper.

But I suppose this is my punishment.
It really sucks.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yes, sir!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Drawing Added!!

"Faith in God"

My latest drawing has been added to both my website and DeviantART.

Hope you guys like it. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some rocking to get back too. ;)

Friday, September 12, 2008

..a little bit of faith..

From the September Sessions

Coming This Sunday
September 14th, 2008


Oh, check this out. Eddee informed me that "Waxing Poetica" came is being featured at the LCC Student Show!

Anyway, enjoy the teaser for now.

Nine Inch Nails on Hard Copy

I hadn't seen this, but I thought I'd share. It's wickedly funny. It turns out Trent actually made "Hard Copy" (remember that show?) and the story around it is just really funny. Boy, they didn't have a lot of stories that year that this entire situation got a whole segment.

Anyway, it will keep you entertained for the good 10 minutes that it runs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Drawing! "Gasmask Poetry" Premires!!

"Gasmask Poetry (Cynical Chameleon 21)"

The latest drawing from the September Sessions has officially been uploaded to my website, DeviantART, SheezyArt, MySpace,, and Self-Portrait.

This one was started on Monday and I just let my hand do the talking. The Cynical Chameleon took over and unleashed distorted onslaught of pastels and inks. Not a single pencil was used in this one. I didn't really have a say in this drawing. It just happened. I had no motive, no clear agenda of what I wanted.

It just is.

So, tell me what you think of the chameleon's latest catastrophe' and thanks for visiting everybody! I appreciate the support!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Troubled times, you know I can not lie.

Today is September 9th. Nine years ago today I got what I considered to be the greatest video console of all time.

The Sega Dreamcast.

In terms of furthering technology and art, the Dreamcast was in a level all on it's own. In the two years that it was around, it did more to the industry and entertainment than Sony or Microsoft ever did. The Playstation 2 was the cause of Sega's defeat, but it was a shame. The Playstation 2 offered nothing but false promises and featured a very weak line up of games for close to 3 years. (Hmm.. kinda like the PS3.. I just realized that.)

It's pretty weird to see that video game systems haven't even evolved that much since the Dreamcast. That tells you something. Oh, well. I had a lot of fun and I still do. (The DC is currently hooked up in the living room of the apartment next to the 360 and the Wii.)

Anywho, the season premire of "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Cronicles" was on today. It was pretty cool! I think this season is going to be really awesome. It's neat seeing Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage) in her first acting role. It was such a twist that she was actually a liquid terminator at the end! What a shocker! I can't wait to see what happens. She is going to be an amazing villian, I can tell.

So, I think I've been spending to much time at the chat rooms. This is getting out of hand. I'm not a kid anymore, I shouldn't be going to chat rooms and acting like a weirdo. But I can't help it. I like to mess with some people and lie about things. There's an awful lot of people in Denton who log on the chat too. It's kind of interesting. Trent and Rob sometimes log on, so if you guys want to go see that, sign up for an account. It's cool.

Also, I like to post in the forums. I think it's my new message board home. So for those of you who'd like to stalk me, feel free to check out my profile here and post around the boards. Life after SoaH, I suppose. It's good to finally be posting a new forum.

So over the weekend we had a bitchin' party here in the apartment. It was a lot of fun. The party marked Jesus' 21st birthday, so before we had the party both of us went to this bar with some of his friends. Needless to say, I tried some new drinks and I've have become a fan of the Long Island Iced Tea. Might just be the only iced tea that I like. So, after a few drinks we headed back to the apartment with the rest of the gang and had a good time. Jaime even had 2 girls in his room! :O I didn't think the kid had it in him.

Haha! But nah, they were just getting high and shit.

All in all, it was fun. I kept fighting with this girl Lacey. I think she secretly digs me which is why we constantly dissed each other. Haha, I'm just kidding. I honestly don't care for some of these kids. Really, the only thing missing was a swimming pool. Mmmm.. that would have been nice.

Anyway (how many times do I say that word??), I have been drawing today and I hope too have something new up before the week ends. This Friday we're headed down to Dallas for a rave that's going to go down. It should be pretty wild. Don't worry, I promise not to take any ecstacy or acid. As long as the beats are blasting and the bodies are moving that's the only drug I need.

..well, maybe some wine. But that's it. Really. ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I honestly don't know why I bother with some of you people. You don't deserve to be saved. Not one of you I met is worth saving.

You're all just as psychotic and destructive as I and the men that I attack.

Lay in your god damn bed.

Friday, September 5, 2008

"The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones"

"The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones"

My latest finished drawing has been uploaded in complete uncensored formats in both my website and Self-Portrait.

Shitty censored editions of "Forgotten Trial" have also been uploaded to DeviantART and SheezyArt.

As you all know this drawing deals with a very serious subject. Like "Holocaust", this deals with a lesser-known incident. A "cover-up" if you will, by the United States goverment.

Anyway, if you read my descriptions in both DeviantART and Sheezy you'd see what it's about.

I have to say though that I really do not like the scanned version. Infact, I kind of hate. This drawing is so much better in person it pisses me off I can't seem to translate it to digital.

Argh. Fuck it. It's message is what I'm most concerned about.

Hope you enjoy it. Here's Jamie's Foundation.

Goodnight, everyone.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The September Sessions

You know, I haven’t been mentioning much of what is going on in terms of creativity and production. I’ve been making rather bleak references or have little mention of myself and the artwork that I have been currently concocting. Instead I make posts and entries about pirating TV shows, getting drunk, helping friends late at night or just bitching about John McCain.

Not that anybody really cares about what I have to say, but I have been diligently working hard to produce some new artwork each day I spend here in Denton. As the Republican’s enjoy their little elitist convention these few days, rest assured I will drive a pole up their little asses with two new political works. I do not want to “jinx” anything but one of these is very close of being finished and might even see an upload as early as Friday.

One of the biggest reasons I have decided to draw so intensely (by this I mean, I started about 6 different projects) is because after my surgery this October, I don’t think I will have any time at all too draw. Surgery and recovering does that to me. This final drawings might just be the last ones uploaded for the rest of the year so I have been really hard at work.

I felt inspired to do this by Trent Reznor and his album “Ghosts I-IV“. During the Fall of 2007, he and his band mates embarked on a mission to make music. For four months they just played and tried new things. Whatever was recorded was kept. It was an experiment. There was no clear agenda and I liked that.

The end result was a fantastic 36 track instrumental album that not only sounded like NIN, but it was fresh and felt so much like a collaborative effort. It wasn’t just Trent, it was his friends and if you’ve heard the album you can hear it in the recording too. I like that idea. The idea of starting a project and going so intensely into it not knowing the finished product will be.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I have no clear agenda. I’ve just been working.

That’s how “No More Roses and Razerblades” was conceived. It was what I felt at the time and what I felt like saying without letting self doubt or negativity get in the way. So far it’s gotten me about a two watches in DeviantART and JC mentioned it was one of the best drawings I’ve done yet. So this way of working is going pretty good for me.

Needless to say, letting out your pure emotions onto paper, as well as being driven by a desire to dig even deeper into your heart and soul, has it’s price to pay. Two drawings that spawned out of these sessions are some of the most personal and by far most piercing of all. It is difficult to just look at the outlines I’ve done. Those who know me in person, now just how much I really put myself into my artwork, so it scares me that I am actually going to show off some of these when their finished.

Anyway, here are some teaser photos:

The Adventures of Pete & Pete

OMG.. it's hard to keep focused and to just spend my days drawing when I've been going torrent crazy.

I've been downloading full season's of TV shows. Sarah Conner Chronicles, Penn & Teller: Bullshit!, Rocko's Modern Life, and now.. all 3 seasons (including specials) of The Adventures of Pete & Pete!

This show has totally brought back all the old memories growing up at the mobile home. It is so amazingly AWESOME! I had no idea there so were so many cameos by some really stellar celebs (Debbie Harry (Blondie), Iggy Pop, Steve Buscemi, Janeane Garofalo, & Micheal Stipe (REM))! It's just so friggin' 90's!! I remember all the music and the adventures.

OMG, OMG, OMG, it's like complete nostalgia OVERLOAD! Michelle Trachtenberg (Nona) is so small!! It makes me want to download Harriet The Spy! I want to buy her an ice-cream cone! rofl!

Boy, whatever happened to these kids? Like, I know Danny Tamberelli (Little Pete) went on to do more Nick stuff, but I am not sure what he's doing now in 2008. Or Mike Maronna (Big Pete) and Alison Fanelli (Ellen)..? Have they been in anything lately?

I guess I could find out, but maybe I like to keep some mystery. This show a long with the rest of Nick's classics have a place in my heart and my upbrining, so I'd rather leave it at that and not have this moment crushed like my other childhood franchises' have been. (I'm looking at you Sonic the Hedgehog..)

Farewell, My Little Viking