Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

4 New Commentary Notes Added!!

Happy Holidays, Kid Chameleons!

I hope you're all doing well, this fine season. Bundle up warmly, cause the weather is pretty chilly outside. Burr, I'm getting cold just thinking about it.

Anyways, on to some EXTREMELY long-over due updates to the Another Pilot Down website; I have added 4 new never-before-released Notes & Commentary entries. They are for, "The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones", "War Porn", "Like The Asian Holocaust", and "Watered-Down Hues". All four of them are revised, more professional, and more comprehensive notes that I have uploaded around the web. The commentary for the "Jamie Leigh Jones" drawing actually appears on FMLA's Fall '09 edition of "Hissy Fit" which I know some of my Dentonites have. :)

Well, that's all the updates for now. I've got some time off away from school for a bit, but instead of wasting time I plan on making some much needed adjustments and additons to the website. So hang tight, Kid Chameleons!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vagina Monologues Auditions this week!!

Hey, hey,

Callin' upon all the ladies in the DFW Area (or anywhere in Texas really). It is that time of year again; time for The Vagina Monologues 2010!! :D

As you lovely people reading this already know, V-Day is a global movement to end violence against women and girls that raises funds and awareness through benefit productions of Playwright/Founder Eve Ensler’s award winning play The Vagina Monologues. Also to add to the excitement, this year will also mark FMLA @ UNT's 10th year of involvement with VDAY making the production even bigger and better than ever!

So after selecting the directors and producers for the years upcoming production; the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance will be holding auditions for UNT's performance of The Vagina Monologues this week!! So get ready folks!

All audition days will run from 6pm to 9pm in the Language Building room 214.
They are as follows:

Nov. 11th - Wednesday
Nov. 12th - Thursday
Nov. 13th - Friday

Nov. 18th - Wednesday
Nov. 19th - Thursday

Prepared monologues are not necessary, but they are welcome. No prior acting experience needed.
All you are required to bring is your strong will and desire to end the cycle of violence. : )

If you have any questions or concerns about the auditions please contact either Jordan Hughes or Samantha Jahansouzshahi.

So if you are interested or know of someone who would more than likely want to be apart of the monologues please spread the word!

We’ll see you at auditions!

Also an important note to the guys: Because of VDAY policy and rules, men are not permitted to perform monologues or chorus. However, other options for involvement for both men and women do include; Production Crew and Cunt Cheerleaders. So that’s always encouraged. ;)

Friday, October 23, 2009


Calling all the Kid Chameleons (that means, YOU reading this)!!!

As some of you whom have been following me in Twitter, Facebook, or know me in person, you'd know that my new website is going to be revealed in a couple of weeks. So as I begin to finish up the big switch, I have been hard at work in creating NEW icons and logos for not just advertising, but MERCH as well! Isn't that exciting??

Allow me to introduce to you; TWO LOGOS that I developed that need voting. After fussing around I have come up with two pictures that really define not just the "Another Pilot Down" aspect, but really signifies what my art. However, only ONE can be made official.

This is where you ya'll come in: I need your help in deciding which of these two logos can become an official ANOTHER PILOT DOWN logo!



Thank you all for helping me out with this! I appreciate all your feedback and it really does count so much! :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hi everybody,

It's almost that time of year again (VDAY!!) and thus the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance at UNT are currently looking for directors and producers for the Vagina Monologues 2010!

You must submit your resume, play proposal, and letter of intent to Brit Schulte at lucky7brit at hotmail dot com. Applications are due by October 21st! So act fast! Interviews are to take place at Art Six on October 26, after the FMLA's Monday meeting!

Dentonites, if you know of somebody who would be very interested in this, please don't hesitate to pass this information along or spread the word through your Facebook or Twitter accounts (or if you still use MySpace send out a bulletin). It's not just a great production, but it is all for a very worthy cause. Visit the FMLA Facebook for more info. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

"Fotos e Impresiones"

A collection of prints and photographs by
Eduardo Hults & Miriam Gonzalez

Oct 8, 2009 6:30pm at
The Laredo Center For The Arts
500 San Agustin Ave.

Hey ya'll, it's with great pleasure that I'd like to talk about an upcoming art show in Laredo featuring some of really great friends of mine. Both Miriam and Eddee are some of the hardest working fellas in the local art scene down in Laredo, and the fact that they have an entire show all to themselves really speaks volumes on just how involved in not just making art, but contributing to Laredo's expanding art scene.

As stated above the show's opening reception is this coming Thursday, October 8th and starts at 6:30pm. They will be serving free wine and beer so invite your friends too for great night out and enjoy some of their amazing work. Both Miriam and Eddee are really great people to chill with so, come on down and get to meet these guys. Also, if you can't make the Opening Reception their show runs through the rest of the month ending on October 31st (which I will try my best to make).

Lastly, for those of you who have MySpace accounts ya'll can see some of their work in their profiles here: Eduardo Hults & Miriam Gonzalez

Friday, August 7, 2009

Missing in Action

Okay, okay.. I know I have been extraordinarily lazy with updates, artwork, and blog entries. But, rest assured that I have been working hard on a few things. (I know I always say that in every damn entry, but I have!!) I admit however, that I should be working more on these projects; but god dammit, I need some R&R from all my own things too, ya know?

The 7/9 Lies Sessions proved to be pretty cool. I did get a few things done and a few things started. Nevertheless, I am making a very conscious decision on my part to not release the final works until the foreseeable future. Sorry, kid chameleons.. But ( The Dude would say) “shit has come to light, man.” Thus, I can not immediately release my new material. I am working behind the scenes (basically whenever I am not hitting up Facebook or Twitter), and creating a new online gallery.

It is not determined when I can officially open my new website, but the stress and time I have put into it is more than I think you all would even notice. Rest assure, one very important factor of my new site is that fact everything (all art, movie files, and images) will finally be 100% hosted on my site. So that is a very, very good thing for me. No more stupid hiccups or downtime brought by Geocities. Also, another very neat thing is.. NO MORE AD’S! (What a relief!) Anyways, it’s taking long to create and I don’t have an grand opening date just yet.

So again, I am have not forgotten about any of these things. I am planning something big when all these things are finally set off the ground. Everything will come together and that day is approaching soon. To prove that I haven’t completely lost my mind, here are some “previews” of just a “few” of the things I have mentioned. The following are not the finished products, they are just works-in-progresses and do not represent how they are currently. These shots were taken throughout the working process.

I will try not to be as absent the next couple of times, but I can’t promise that just yet. I am set to see Green Day again this coming Sunday, and the day after I am headed out to Las Vegas once again. (Weird, right?) Nevertheless, my art and how I choose to present it all is my life and I take my life very seriously.

To quote one of my idols, Trent Reznor: “My best work is yet to come - watch and see.”


Friday, July 10, 2009

Life-Sized Portrait & The 7/9 Lies Sessions

Well, well.. my Intermediate Figure Drawing class has now come to a close. I was able to finish up my “life sized” self-portrait (pictured above), and I have to say I am really proud of it. While it does need a few touch-ups here and there, the response has been very positive. I tend to be (like I am sure most people), my harshest critic.

As you know, in my own mind, I feel I can never be good enough. However, when my fellow classmates tell me they really enjoyed it and have spoken so highly of my art, well.. it really makes me happy. (Thanks again LauraLee!) It’s hard for me to respond to positive critiques sometimes cause through my eyes I see all the mistakes, and hardly ever get to see anything that good in my art. But, alas, I appreciate all the kind words and I enjoyed the class and my classmates artworks very much. : )

However, now that I am done with school for the remaining of the Summer 1, (I am not taking any further classes for Summer 2) I will be embark creating new “original” artwork. I am now in possession of all my art supplies and I have until July 22nd before I go back to my hometown of Laredo to create some new artwork. It has been a long time since I have finished a “universe” drawing, and I think it’s time for something new. (The last drawing, “Sick” was done back in September 2008.)

But now is a good time to come back.. So this is my own test; whatever I create these next 12 days goes up. The last time I did this was last year, and it proved to be not only be a good exercise but I created some of my strongest material; (“Gasmask Poetry”, “Faith In God”, and “The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones)".

Welcome to The 7/9 Lies Sessions. Expect periodic updates here and “work-in-progress” photos through my Twitter account or Facebook & MySpace statuses. I have an artistic spark in me, and it needs to be unleashed! lol

It’s on!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gah!! Sufferin' Succotash!

My final project for my Intermediate Life Drawing course is to do a full-fledged life sized drawing of ourselves. When I told Valerie this she exclaimed, “Urgh.. That’s so Barney and Friends.”

Then I went; “…”

Anywho, this assignment is proving most difficult for me. Not just cause I have such a low self-esteem kind of attitude towards my body or image, but just that the entire fucking thing has to be god damn perfect. I have to draw a clone. One worthy enough for me to make out with, and possibly (key word: POSSIBLY) go down on. ;) This thing needs to be finished by Monday and as it is I am making bad mistakes by procrastinating and lingering around Twitter hoping to see what my buddies do next! Ahh.. intercourse, eerr.. I mean, INTERWEBS. So awesome!

There is so much to do, so little time. You know, I annoy myself with the fact that I am a very slow drawer. Try and try as I might I have been working on my speed this throughout the month. It’s my main focus, just trying to get really quick and fast with my art. But alas, I’m too slow. I’m a slower drawer and a slow ass painter.

Oh, shit.. It’s 1AM at the moment. I should really take a shower, shave, and add a quick song to my Zune before I go off to bed. I have a long day tomorrow (eerr.. I mean, today..)

Night-night, Twits.. Uh, I mean.. Pilots!

No.. just.. Night-night kool kats! (That’s it!)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Artist Profile: Robyn O'Neil

Alright, I’m going to do something new here. Periodically, I’m going to make an “Artist Profile” entry on some various living (sometimes local) artists whom have caught my attention. I’ll include links, my thoughts, and information about them so you can all check them out.

For the first “Artist Profile” I am putting the spotlight on Robyn O’Neil.

Robyn was born in Omaha Nebraska and currently resides in Houston Texas. She has had various shows all across the country and around the globe. The bulk of her work is all primarily drawings. Straightforward, pencil drawings. Which in the artwork is tough to break into since most art shows cater to mixed media and paintings (and they tend to place drawings to the side). Below is one of her pieces:

"Everything that stands will be at odds with its neighbor, and everything that falls will perish without grace"

Yesterday, I had the fine pleasure of meeting her when she made a visit to UNT’s College of Visual Design and gave a talk about her artwork. As I sat in attendance listening to her describe and explain some of her work I couldn’t help be floored at what she was saying. Mostly all her pieces are all very personal and her series is one continuous storyline. Her work has reoccurring characters, places, and attitudes. The figures she depicts are destructive, sometimes caring, sometimes delusional drone men. Women are never present and a few of the animals that do appear are used as cautionary figures of what could or shouldn’t happen.

She uses only a mechanical pencil and starts her drawings from top to bottom. In order to avoid smearing the pencil lead, she puts a piece of glass on her hand while she draws away. I haven’t mentioned how some of these drawings are extremely HUGE! Some of her pieces are so big, she has to lie down on the floor with the paper on top of her just to continue them. Her artwork below, titled “These final hours embrace at last; this is our ending, this is our past” is 83 x 166.8 inches! A size that I don’t think I can ever pull off.

Robyn is also the very definition of dedicated. In her talk she admitted to taking up to 4 to 5 months finishing pieces (and by 4 months, I mean 4 months). She typically spends 12 to 15 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week working on her drawings in her Houston home. She doesn’t have much of a social life and every time she is away from her studio she doesn’t feel as comfortable.

When asked about why she uses only a mechanical pencil, O’Neil said that she is able to capture lines caused by her anxiety that would otherwise be overlooked if she had used a graphite stick or charcoal. That is something I can respect and identify with. Something else that caught my attention was when she said, “I like to think of my artwork as a sentence to a novel.” Meaning, despite that each drawing says something different about her, they are all essential to each other and tell a much bigger story. As if you all don’t already know by now, my work is the very same in that respect. For years I’ve tried to describe it and say what I really mean, and when I heard it back to me yesterday.. it all made sense.

After her lecture, I talked to her about that and that I really admired what she has done. I can really relate to her work and after you see some of the pieces she has done, you can see a lot of elements that I use in my own drawings.

I recommend ya’ll check her stuff out.

"The Disruption"

Robyn O'Neil's Website
The Believer - Interview with Robyn O'Neil
Arts Journal Article

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Heroes & Cons

So just like that, my little red house is gone. The monsters and vampires that once plagued my dreams have all disappeared. Suddenly the sunrise no longer burns as much. I think I’m free.

Finally free.

I am well aware that I haven’t really been writing as much here as I used to. I apologize dearly, cause I’m just so fortunate that any of ya’ll even read or care of what I have to say. But as I’ve stated in my previous entry, I’m just too happy. Life is being very kind to me and I can’t sit still and ramble about things because I’m just going to end up repeating myself or sounding silly after awhile.

One small unfortunate circumstance of my happiness is that I don‘t really have much of a drive to create or finish any art at the moment. Ideas and concepts that have been in the works for several years have been placed on hold yet again. While, I have been writing some poetry, much of that material has also been shelved for the time being. I suppose my passion for art and enthusiasm for expression is the causality to my joy.

Though despite enjoying my days and nights with the Jamester, Fausto, Alison, and Jesus.. There have been a few late night moments in which life tries to test my moral codes and own resistance, and I have to say that I handle it well. As I play the game, I physically feel as if my second half of my being is being separated only to further distance itself from hurting my deeper self. It feels as if I no longer need to defend anything, because I don’t have anything to defend.

Since I stopped playing hero a few months ago, the weight has been lifted. Even if I care so much about you, I know I can’t or shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do. While it was so scary to let that part of me go, it was the right thing to do. To not “be a hero” has, and will forever be, the best advice I have ever received. So maybe it’s time for somebody else to take up the mantel cause I’m tried of it.

I’m becoming unphased by these images of the Iraq Revolution, articles about cruelty towards animals, or even how badly the entire economic system seems to be crumbling all around us. I honestly don’t care. Infact I just smile. I smile, suck on a cigarette, and just look at my friends and realize how luck I am. There is nobody in the world quite like them and that makes all the difference.

I was raised in the era of heroes and cons, and I’m happy to report that I’m neither.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

..maybe it's the high of accomplishment or how the universe around me has been acting this entire month, but I feel that I am the happiest person in the world. I have thought about this for some weeks now, but my life at the moment seems to be headed in all the right directions. I've told a few people this, but I feel like sharing anyway; I think I have reached the end of it all. If I were to die tomorrow or years later, I would want you all to know that I have accomplished everything I ever set out to do in my life. To quote Bill Murry in Ghostbusters; "we came, we saw, we kicked it's ass!" Though this ain't about ghosts, this is straight from my heart. ;)

Since my heart attack a year and half ago, I have now become much more healthier and stable. Shit, I will even go as far and say that I am much more healither now than I have been all my life! I can withstand more, walk faster, and I am hardly as tired. For such a long time I felt I wouldn't have been able to recover or correct all that was wrong with my health and life. I was in such a deep state of both anger and depression that I did not think all would ever be well. One a big casuality in this was my relationship with my mom. For such a long time since the incident, I resented her and she knew it all too well. In drunken fits of rage, I made it no secret to anybody around me how much I was angry at her. I was also angry at myself and if you take a look at the artwork done throughout 2008, you'd see a lot of that aggression depicted. For such a long time, there was a bitter taste and I knew she felt equally like shit for everything that had happened.

It took awhile and a lot of talking throughout the year(s) to really fix things between us. Which fills me with relief to tell you all that things couldn't be more perfect between us. She is somebody who has supported me throughout my life and, while we both have made our fair share of mistakes, it doesn't matter anymore. She is my biggest fan and I want it to remain that way. I'm thankful and glad to have the family that I have, because that is rare in this day and age.

At the same time, it is also no suprise to anyone of my friends or relatives that my friendships were either damaged or just destroyed during that time period. Yet, as I recovered throughout the months after the emergency operation I tried my best to fix my friendships. I know I have made mistakes, but after trying to rebuild and fix things internal and external, I find myself with a strong sense of accomplishment. All is well in my Gotham City. I have some of the best friends that would make everybody else in the whole planet jealous. I value them all in my life and I don't take them for granted.

School in Denton has also been a fantastic experience. It's so challengeing and rewarding. I love the workload, the tension, and the all-night study sessions! I know it's crazy and I honestly thought I would never in my most fucked up of dreams ever say something like that, but I can't help it. I love what I do and I try very hard for my grades. I have met some really neat and cool people up in D-town, and I enjoy their company very much. It's such a liberal, open-minded, and artistic community that it honestly makes me want to just live there forever!

I love going to concerts and I do it more often now. I have seen many of my favorite bands and artists. Hung out and became friends with some of them. Their music touches me in ways that can never be explained and I love that just fine! I have even seen my heroes on stage and I met Dexter Holland, my hero for more than half of my life. As I said, I can honestly stop everything now, and be satisfied with my life.

Insignificant things are no longer sad or distressing. I turn on the TV and see a crisis on the news. I see the president I elected making a mockary of what I stood for.. but I can tell you with a smile on my face that I don't care at all. Things that used to bother me don't matter anymore. That kid who bothered me doesn't matter anymore.

You see, I have achieved my consolation prize and I am thankful for that. I don't think there is anybody in the world who can say that. Hell, I don't think there is anybody who actually say that with a straight and honest face.

But I can. I have done it all now.

I got my "simple kind of life."

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eleven years later.. the best day ever.

I have seen Green Day live. Linkin Park twice. Nine Inch Nails four times. Cold twice. theSTART twice.

..and so on, and so forth.

But there is really only one band that has gotten away so many times, so much so, that the joke became unfunny over the years. That band is, the Offspring. Since 1998, I have been a fan of them. I wore their symbol around my neck like a god damn crucifix each and every day. I wore it proudly and have always taken it to every show that I have ever been too. I sported their posters and have all their music memorized by heart. They are, above all others (forever and ever) my favorite rock band.

Back in 2002, during their Conspiracy of One tour the band did an extensive North American tour that had both theSTART and the International Noise Conspiracy as openers. One of their stops was at the Sunken Gardens in San Antonio, TX. Being the huge fan that I was I got bought tickets for my mom, dad, and brother. I was so excited I could not wait. However, this did not last. The only tour date that the band cancelled in that year was the San Antonio one. I was crushed. I couldn't believe that the only one concert date that I was going too was cancelled. I felt as if somebody was playing a sick joke.

Years later, the band avoided playing several Texas shows. When they did return for San Antonio it was the Summer of 2004 as a part of the Warped Tour. Always being against those kinds of festivel tours, I made the contraversial choice of not going. Why bother sitting in the hot sun to watch a 100 run-of-the-mill punk bands, only to see The Offspring for half an hour?? It just didn't make sense to me. The band deserved better.

Now lets flash forward to 2009: The Offspring have returned with an extensive North American summer tour, appropriately titled the "Shit Is Fucked Up Tour." The band just finished playing two Texas dates last night, and yours truly was at the Austin, Texas show.

It was hands down one of the greatest experiences of my life! Behind the scenes, my mom had gotten in contact with somebody from the venue (which was, Stubb's BBQ), and tried to see if the band was going to do a meet and greet. Having no control over these sort of things, the marketing manager who worked at Stubb's tried anyway.

Low and behold, my name was submitted to the KROX radio station contest winners list.We were going to get a very intimate acoustic set by both Dexter and Noodles! Me and Jaime got to go about 3 and half hours before the Stubb's show and got to see the band peform! In the acoustic set (which was being recorded for the radio station), Dexter and Noodles played, "Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?", "The Kids Aren't Alright", and "Come Out And Play." After that, one lucky winner got to play Noodles at Guitar Hero: World Tour. As they set it up, I got to talk to Dexter Holland himself!! I told him how I was also going to their show in Las Vegas later in the month. After, he signed my booklet of "Ixnay on the Hombre", I took a picture with him.

..the photo I have been waiting for, for so many years. After all my trials and tribulations, I felt that my moment was finally here.

After the get-together, Dex and Noodles had to head out to the venue and so did me and Jaime. Now that we met the band, it was time to see them rock out. After watching the openers, Street Dogs (whom were really fucking cool) and the Alkaline Trio, I noticed the crowd getting bigger and much more hostile. Afraid I might end up getting crushed to bits and peices like I was during my second outing with Mindless Self Indulgence last year, I decided to ask a security guard if there was any place I could be at to see the show. The dude was so nice, he was like, "Yeah! Sure, why didn't you say this sooner?? I'll take you to the VIP section." I was so excited!

I got to see The Offspring perform from the saftey of the second floor balcony. No seats, just leaning on the rail down at the stage and crowd. They blasted through all their hits and included some of their fastest songs. The mosh pits were insane and lasted throughout their entire set! (They even moshed during the slow songs, "Gone Away" and "Kristy.") One of the coolest moments was when they played, "Have You Ever" and "Staring at the Sun" just like the order in "Americana" album. Very cool, very fun, very emotional. "Gone Away" was performed on piano which sounded so beautiful and rocking. I really hope the band decides to do a studio recording of that. "Alot Like Me" off of "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace" made it's live debut in our set which was totally AMAZING. It is definetely the song I related to the most in that album, so I was so psyched that they performed it.

I could continue to go on and one, but really.. it was an amazing day. I am so glad that I am going to see them again in Las Vegas on the 30th. It is going to be a lot of fun. There was nothing that could have made the day any better. It was everything I could have ever imagined and more. During the song "Half-Truism", the lyrics in the chorus go; "..if we don't make it alive, well it's a hell of a good day to die."

Nobody in the audience that night yelled that with more honesty than I.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Overdriven Raccoons

..stand tall friends. We are a one, we are strong. We shall prevail.

God speed, Mat.

Oh, you should really pay that warrent. I'd hate to see you in jail.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Dead Week

It’s almost over!

Woah, it’s been a hell of a semester. I can imagine how insanely slow LCC must be if I were to go back doing the amount of work that I do now on a full schedule. It’d be child’s play. It wouldn’t even compare. This experience has taught me just how much I can take and I love it! I feel so challenged and the stress feels good on the skin baby. Even physically I am able to take much more and I don’t feel as tired. I’ve done so much, and I am actually looking forward to more semesters here. I think I am enjoying taking up the “work oriented” role because it makes me focused on things that actually matter and not so much trivial BS that some of my fellow peers try to struggle with. Plus, in the rare occasion that I do get nights off it makes it oh-so-sweeter.

Unfortunately, what does suck is sometimes I have to miss out on certain events. For instance, I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to go out to Louie’s 21st birthday party at Hailey’s. It was 90’s night, and I had my grungy pants and Nirvana t-shirt ready to go. But both me and the Jamester had to skip out because we had way too much work to finish up. : (

So tomorrow I have the dreaded “review” that many of my classmates have been talking about. Basically, what this means is that the “big wigs” (I guess the head guys of the Painting and Drawing college) are going to review our “5 best paintings” of both Painting I and Painting II classes. Only problem of this is, I took Painting I in LCC and I don’t have any of those paintings with me! Luckly, I do have 5 paintings that I have done and all of them are some of my best work. If they are reviewed well enough, I can move on to the Intermediate Painting classes. (That said, those I have talked to about this all say it’s a very easy review.) So to be honest, I am not really that nervous.

Despite the movie reviews, I really want to see “Wolverine” and the upcoming, “Star Trek.” But all this work has had me to skip out on such things. I’ve also really wanted to see “Crank 2: High Voltage” and “Adventureland” because I want to see mindless awesome action.

Oh, I finally got to see “Funny Games” (US Version) last night based on everybody’s recommendation. I thought it was a little overrated, and while I love what the director tried to get at.. I felt it could have been slightly more interesting. It also wasn’t as graphic as I thought it would be. Somehow the trailer looks more sinister than the actual movie. Regardless, it had it’s good moments and the potential to really say something in the time of “Hostel” and “Saw” films.

Hmm. Now I want to see more “torture” films. I think Mr. Haneke just proved his point.

“You shouldn’t forget the importance of entertainment.”

Saturday, April 25, 2009

If Twitter was a blog entry, it would look like..


So, I have been busy.
Sorry for the lack of updates fellow friends.
I'm sure those of you on Facebook and (my new love) Twitter, have undoubtly notice.. I have been juggling many things at once.

In order to not go into specific details, here are some photos and comments with rapid action!

Saw Franz Ferdinand last night.
Got drunk.

Been very busy painting and doing new art.
Check out the WIPs over at my MySpace page.

Cold reunited. Saw them last week.

Me and my cousin Fernie met Scooter, Sam, and Terry.
Got a signed poster.

Two weeks ago I was stuck painting myself and..

..Aimee Echo!
Both of these paintings are finished and currently hung on the wall.
Except for myself portrait. :p
It's on the floor.

I also got a 125 out of 100 points in my Art Appreciation assignment inwhich I showcased, "Watered-Down Hues", "War Porn", "Like The Asian Holocaust", and "The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones".
Felt proud.


Went to bars.

Saw and meet the band, Nothing More.

Got a high C on my Goverment test.

That was bullshit.

Should have been higher.

Spent a lot of money.

Bought tickets to go see The Offspring in Austin.

Joined Green Day's fan club, "Idiot Club"

Stupid name for a club.

I say.

Needs to do an essay before Monday.

Ordered Female Trouble/The Pink Flamingos 2-pack DVD.

3 weeks ago.

Hasn't arrived.

Been talking to Sarah a lot these days.

Wants to buy the Persepolis graphic novel.

Buy it for me.

Drinking so much coke.

My Scarlett J. background is more high res than your face.

Seriously images shouldn't be this gigantic.

I bought a cool Ozymandias/Adrian action figure.

Be jealous.

I ate some Mac & Cheese.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An observation: “Spics”, “Faggots”, & “Niggers”

This isn’t so much a rant, as it is just a personal observation on the controversies and overall usage of racial/taboo slurs. I don’t want to get very in-depth with this as I’m a busy body and don’t really feel like typing at all really, so I‘m going to use two examples that I felt were worth mentioning. I also don‘t have any answers, and merely state questions for some to ponder over. :P

Okay, so over the weekend Green Day released the full track listing and lyrics to their songs off their upcoming album, “21st Century Breakdown.” Upon reading the lyrics to some of the songs, one will notice that Billie Joe uses the word “niggers” in the song, “American Eulogy: Mass Hysteria.” Here is the stanza in which it appears:
The punch line is a natural disaster
And it's sung by the unemployed
Because the martyr is a compulsive liar
When he said,
"It's just a bunch of niggers throwing gas into the hysteria"

Needless to say, the word has gotten a stir out of some Green Day fans. Many only focusing strictly on that word alone. At the time of writing this, it hasn’t made headlines in the popular music sites, and I honestly hope a big deal isn’t made out of this. While, I know it’s offensive and the word was constructed strictly to belittle a race/group of people, it isn’t written as a way to demean people. Rather, Billie Joe is using it to criticize the people who would say something like that. The song is in reference to hurricane Katrina and how the American government wrote off the severity of the disaster due to race and class.

Which leads me my next thought. Back in the “American Idiot” album Billie used the word, “Faggot” and “Fags” in two different songs. Again, in reference to conservatives or extremists who would want to subjugate homosexuals. However, my issue is that I saw only a few people actually say anything about that.

Suddenly it seems as if African Americans are more important than homosexuals? Why do the majority of people feel that saying things like, “that’s so gay” or “stop being a fag” is more acceptable than saying the word “nigger”? I don’t have the answers, I’m just stating the questions. Why is it more offensive to belittle blacks and not as offensive to belittle homosexuals? Is it because society is still very sexist and just better at hiding their racism?

Another example of this kind of "class and racism” ordeal is the case of the last two "Resident Evil" games.

“Resident Evil 5” made headlines an entire year before the game was released because the teaser trailer for the game had imagery of the games lead protagonist, Chris Redfield shooting African American villagers at point blank range. The game got heavy scrutiny and many blogged about it’s usage of African American stereotypes. For any gamer and any Resident Evil fan, you knew it was up for discussion whether in online message boards or in hang-outs.

So in order stomp on some of the controversies the developers at Capcom created Sheva Alomar, a thin, strong, sexy, African American woman to help you shoot down the Africans. As if this move was suppose to end the racist overtones of the game. (Good job with the sexist overtones though! Me and the boyz aren’t complainin’/sarcasm.)

My problem with this is that, virtually NOBODY mentioned anything about racism in the games prequel, “Resident Evil 4.” For starters, both games follow the exact same formula (so much so that after me and my brother played the demo, we figured we wouldn’t buy it because it was just a repackaged RE4). The only difference in RE5 is that instead of shooting African American individuals you’re shooting Hispanics and those of Spanish decent. I always found that to be a problem, but I thought nothing of it even though it was a jab at my heritage and race.

So I stress my questions some more; why is it more offensive to demean blacks and not as offensive to degrade Mexicans or Chicanos?

I guess my point is that: sexism and racism on any level is wrong. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, racism and sexism (in all it’s disgusting faces) is destructive on all levels. To single out certain demeaning words while you let others go freely doesn’t do justice to anybody. The damage still inflicted. The fact that sexists and racists exist in the first place is exactly why these things should be destroyed on all it’s levels.

Yes, these words exist and they are harmful and those who do you use them need to use them with extreme caution in this day and age. However, you should ask yourself, had Billie Joe written "It's just a bunch of spics throwing gas into the hysteria", would have you have gotten offended? The songs meaning still applies, only another equally demeaning word is in it’s place.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I ain’t no fucking hero.

I’m just trying to survive myself.

Where does a healthy mental strength come from? Is it the ability to stop caring? Tyler says, that to lose all hope is to be free. But what’s the point of being free if those around you are locked inside their own cells.

Sometimes I want to leave my private Gotham City and go back to my dark and desolate Basin City. I can’t take the idea of letting my city rot before my eyes. I can’t stop it and those around me tell me to let go. “Let the chips fall were they may.”

Even my professor told me. “Don’t be a hero.”

So what’s the point then? Let everything fall apart and go about my way no matter how many times I may step into the corrupt and depressing red vomit it leaves all over the floor? Then what do I accomplish like that? Why this constant loop of running within square one?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Good Grief

I’m just rotting away. Rotting away. ROTTING AWAY!!

Oh, will somebody put me out of my misery. I’ve been sick and coughing and coughing and coughing and spitting and spitting and spitting; it never ends! My muscles are weak and I have to seriously do a ton of work before next week. Argh!! I feel like Charlie Brown when he tries to kick the football only to have Lucy remove it.

Will I ever get better?? Better enough to work on two shitty paintings, study for an exam, and write 3 essays?? Oh noes.

Woe is me, woe is me, woe is me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm sick, Bird.. I'M SYCK!!

It’s Sunday night and after a nice mellow week in Laredo, it’s time to face the unforgiving glow of light that is reality. The final half of the semester is upon us. I have felt very crappy all day long and am in serious need of bucking up before the morning. I’ve been on the Dayquil for sometime, and I can only hope to get better.

So this past Spring Break I was mostly out and about from time to time. I got to see theSTART in San Antonio one Tuesday which was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with Aimee Echo (singer) and Chelsea Davis (drummer) most of the entire night. I got to talk to them about their music and their future plans for the group. (They even signed my Green Day bag.)

Since they have also been experimenting with their new project Normandie, I also asked them about where they were taking that band. Aimee said they really wanted to put out a full length album, which should be really neat. We can expect the collection of B-sides by theSTART to come out before the Normandie record, but it’s a for sure thing to expect the Normandie record before we get to hear a proper follow-up to “Ciao Baby.”

Expect some great photos of theSTART to appear on my various art accounts and websites throughout the week. I got some good shots and am eager to share them out. (Obviously, the photo above is a taste of what to expect.)

Anyways, this week is set to be a busy one. I’m going to have to really sit down and try to paint the new assignments for my Painting II class. One is a self portrait and the other is a photo of scenery that I took a photo of. I also want to break out of oil paints and try my hand at acrylics, which could very well be considered suicide. I don’t think experimenting so late in the game is a wise idea, but to be frank, I’m really disliking oils. They’re more of a pain in the ass than anything. I think what irks me the most about them is that they take forever to dry.

Well I’d like to write more since I hardly wrote any entries all week, but as I have mentioned, I haven’t really felt like myself these past two days. So I am going to call it a night. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Before I forget, throughout the week I will be releasing each episode of the popular YouTube web series “Lowering Standards with Pedro” on my Facebook profile. So each day of this week you can look forward to the hilarious adventures of Lil’ Peter Pedro and his wacky friends. Currently, Episode 1 (which has long since been banned from YouTube) is uploaded. Expect another episode once a day, all week through Friday. Buh-bye for now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Donut Hole

Here is an excerpt from my Appropriation homework assignment:

1. Is your identity relevant to your action of appropriation?

In some ways, my identity is in the style of how I appropriated the images and how they are drawn. My style or technique is often dominated with muddy and faded colors (mostly yellows, reds, and browns). Also aside from a bulk of my work being slightly political, the “torn” paper-like imagery is very dominate in my other pieces.

2. What symbol is appropriated? What does that symbol usually mean? How is that symbol interpreted by many people?

For the most part the two real “main” symbols I appropriated are the Statue of Liberty and a donut. The torn paper-American flag is mostly added to unify both of them.

The Statue of Liberty as it stands, is associated with the United States. It symbolizes freedom, democracy, and the dreams we as Americans have. Those all over the world would think the same thing even if they are not Americans or have never been to America. The Statue of Liberty is the most representational figure of the United States (far more than the bald eagle or Liberty Bell).

A donut is a tasty snack. It’s a kind of “junk” food that most like to indulge in every now and then. It’s sugary, fattening, and is definitely considered unhealthy if a person likes to indulge in many donuts periodically.

The American flag is just that; the official flag of the United States of America. Like the Statue of Liberty it is synonymous with democracy and freedom.

3. How did you go about appropriating the item? What activities did you do to aid the in the appropriation?

I became inspired to appropriate these items after watching a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial on television. While the commercial mostly focused on how Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee is preferred over Starbucks’ coffee, the key factor that inspired me was their slogan, “Dunkin’ Donuts: America runs on Dunkin’.”

Inspired by Dunkin’ line and the “Big Boy” restaurant statues, I incorporated the Statue of Liberty as if it were “Big Boy.”

Instead of holding the iconic torch, I drew Lady Liberty holding up a giant donut as a way of playing on the Dunkin’ Donuts slogan.

4. In what way did you attempt to change the meaning of the symbol or society’s perfection of it? What is the overall message you attempted to convey? Were you successful? How did your audience respond? What would you do differently next time?

I didn’t really attempt to change the meanings of these items as I mostly tried to play with the images set around this particular corporate slogan. I tried to convey that line with what I felt to be as “appropriate” images that went along with that saying. My intent was to be humorous and funny and I believe I was pretty successful in doing so.

Other than a few pats on the back with how the shading and colors turned out (most if not all) those whom I’ve shown the picture too have laughed or found it to be hilarious. Which is good for me.

I think if I were to do this again, I wouldn’t have tried to make it as detailed as I did. I spent a really long time on it and I would have loved to also thrown in the Dunkin’ Donuts logo and slogan on the actual drawing as oppose to digitally putting it in on computer.

5. Why did you appropriate the item? Who is the intended audience?

As I stated on question 3, I appropriated the images as a take on the Dunkin’ Donuts slogan. I wanted to make a humorous drawing that appropriated the line in a slightly dark context.

My intended audience is anybody with a sense of humor. I don’t think there is anything really offensive about my piece, so I don’t think it anybody can get offended by it. Unless of course, one is extremely conservative and does not take kindly to those who alter the American flag or Statue of Liberty as I have done, in which I can understand.

Unlike my other works which are very political and highly religious, this particular piece is intended to be funny and for the post part be taken as satire.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Make like a banana.. and SHYT!!

I’ve been pretty busy these days. I find myself working a lot more than usual. I guess it’s because this coming week is all about midterms and mid-assignments, or something. I’ll be going down to Laredo during next weekend. Not sure what I’m going to do exactly, but I’ll be there nonetheless.

So I’ve got a few drawings currently underway. But it makes me think that I’m like some mentally retarded kid. I seem to really take forever with doing art now. Have I always been this slow? It’s not cool at all.

Ugh, my breathe wreaks of Vodka. Yes I see him too, Chelsea.

So, like.. I saw Watchmen at the midnight showing over at the Rave (which is like digital screen, or some shit like that) and I have to say it was pretty good. It’s not better than The Dark Knight by any means, but it’s pretty good nevertheless. To quote a stupid movie critic; “The opening credits of the movie said far much more than all three Spider-Man movies.” I have to agree with the stupid movie critic. The opening credits is jaw-dropping and amazingly emotional. You see it, and already you realize this isn’t going to be like anything else.

Unfortunately, as the movie begins to build up Zack Snyder’s typical BS comes out. (Seriously, that one sex scene. Come on!) I wanted to shoot myself cause the movie lost a shit load of credibility. Needless to say a few other scenes also become a little too tedious and at times “dumb.”

But, I agree with what Peter Trevers of Rolling Stone said about it. (The only critic that I give a rats ass about.) Oh, except for him bashing Malin Akerman’s performance as Silk Spectre II. Her acting was good and on par with everybody else. (Well, except for Jackie Earle Haley who fucking rocked it as Rorschach. He was in a league of his own.)

Anyway, I recommend the movie. But I know a lot of you won’t touch the thing simply because I or the vast majority enjoy it and that comic book superhero movies should disappear. Either way, suit yourself. I had a good time.

But a word of caution for those going in to see it. The movie is “dark”, very dark infact. It’s very mature, and I’m not talking about the graphic violence. It’s like Sin City’s darkness only a lot less sugar coated or glamed up. Watchmen it touches on things like pedophilia, one “superman” rapes a fellow “superwoman” member, and the political atmosphere within that world is much more heavy. Heavier than “V for Vendetta.” Oh, and the soundtrack (for a lack of a better term) “fucking rocks.” Snyder’s not Quentin, but he chose some really great classics. Seriously, nice job on the Simon and Garfunkel bro.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mormons & Christians, As Seen On TV

Hm. These pretentious door-to-door Mormons are still trying to get a hold of me.

Now I’ve got to watch my back every time I leave and enter my own apartment. As I sit here, thinking about this I’m realizing that religious people really scare me. Infact you can even say they straight-out terrify the hell out of me.

Is it because they’re freakishly happy and insanely persistent? I don’t understand why these types of individuals really want to so desperately preach their misguided version of the past. Do they get merit badges for every person they get to talk too? I don’t know. It makes me shiver a bit.

Since society likes to put labels onto people, it’s no surprise to anybody reading this that I’d probably fall into the lines of an atheist. My problem with this notion is that the contemporary atheist these days can be just as judgmental and douchey as their Christian and Mormon counterparts. I choose to not worship, believe, or hail any kind of god because I generally side with logic and reason, which is why I also don’t go around preaching my beliefs onto people.

Like, at school, there’s this booth called, “Ask an Atheist” where you just ask questions and some Atheist guy will answer you. I haven’t tried asking a question, but I just think it’s silly. It’s almost as if it’s a joke and just really waters down these kinds of attitudes. It just turns me completely off when my like-minded peers still end up becoming the factors they resist.

I’ve always stated that there is nothing wrong with “faith.” Having faith is alright, go for it. If your religion makes you happy, by all means keep having your faith, but I ask you that you just don’t try and preach it on to me or anybody else for that matter.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bat-Dead-Man, Jason Todd Sucks, Stupid New Art, Kristen Stewart, & Nothing!

Interesting new fetishes, eh?

In-between going to house parties, skimping classes, skipping meals, drinking shit-tons of Coca-Cola, plotting revenge schemes, taking extraordinary amounts of prescription drugs, performing B.N.E.’s, doing random acts of violence on unnamed vehicles, and painting photos of Dexter Morgan, I have been kind of busy doing a whole lot of nothing.

I finished reading my Batman R.I.P. graphic novel a few days ago. I’m a little disappointed by it, cause it’s so not even finished. I was hoping it was going to be epic and instead it felt like it was just a prelude to something more. Also, I’ve been so out of the loop in the Batman world that I had no idea they (the writers) brought back Jason Todd.

Stupid Jason fuckin’ Todd more like it! That kid sucks!! SUCKS!! When on Earth did this happen?! Jason Todd died back in the late 80’s! He sucked so much Batman/DC Comic fans voted for him to be killed off from the series. The news that he’s alive makes me believe in nothing now!

Look, I know comic books are suppose to be for kids and be wacky and stupid with mindless action and half naked super women, but.. Every once in awhile they should try and actually be (not realistic), but rather.. Intelligent. Yes, intelligent. I know DC is trying to compete with Marvel by trying to be controversial and taking risks (Killing Batman (completely) is a good start), but geez.. Don’t cop-out a decade later and say Bruce Wayne is alive and that this entire ordeal was just a dream implemented by some alien technology.

The reason Marvel is kicking ass right now (well, except for Spider-Man) is because they are doing risky things with characters like Iron Man and Captain America and these decisions don’t feel forced or out-of-character. Infact, they are more representational of our current political climate and culture. It never comes off as too preachy or too stupid, nor does it ever get completely realistic. Those stories are grounded and keep true to it’s format which is why it works.

Anyway, that’s way too much Batman talk for one post. It seems I have atleast one entry devoted to Batman since I’ve opened up this blog. Rofl-waffle.

In other related news about moi, I uploaded my latest piece of crap painting to my official website, MySpace, and Facebook. But for those of you lazy enough to click on my links, here is the god damn JPEG for you to see. Behold!

“I Wear It On My Sleeve”

This stupid picture marks the first official release since October 2008’s “Sick” and of course the first of 2009. OMG! Too bad it sucks.

A more in-dept description of “On My Sleeve” will premier later in the next few weeks when I make my anti-climactic return to DeviantART and Sheezy. Oh, boy. I’m so scared.

So like, I should be reading and doing homework instead I’m just listening to Lily Allen’s latest album, writing about Batman on my blog, and developing a crush on Kristen Stewart. (She likes pot so that's always a plus.)

Maybe I should see Twilight. God dammit.. -_-