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Friday, August 7, 2009

Missing in Action

Okay, okay.. I know I have been extraordinarily lazy with updates, artwork, and blog entries. But, rest assured that I have been working hard on a few things. (I know I always say that in every damn entry, but I have!!) I admit however, that I should be working more on these projects; but god dammit, I need some R&R from all my own things too, ya know?

The 7/9 Lies Sessions proved to be pretty cool. I did get a few things done and a few things started. Nevertheless, I am making a very conscious decision on my part to not release the final works until the foreseeable future. Sorry, kid chameleons.. But ( The Dude would say) “shit has come to light, man.” Thus, I can not immediately release my new material. I am working behind the scenes (basically whenever I am not hitting up Facebook or Twitter), and creating a new online gallery.

It is not determined when I can officially open my new website, but the stress and time I have put into it is more than I think you all would even notice. Rest assure, one very important factor of my new site is that fact everything (all art, movie files, and images) will finally be 100% hosted on my site. So that is a very, very good thing for me. No more stupid hiccups or downtime brought by Geocities. Also, another very neat thing is.. NO MORE AD’S! (What a relief!) Anyways, it’s taking long to create and I don’t have an grand opening date just yet.

So again, I am have not forgotten about any of these things. I am planning something big when all these things are finally set off the ground. Everything will come together and that day is approaching soon. To prove that I haven’t completely lost my mind, here are some “previews” of just a “few” of the things I have mentioned. The following are not the finished products, they are just works-in-progresses and do not represent how they are currently. These shots were taken throughout the working process.

I will try not to be as absent the next couple of times, but I can’t promise that just yet. I am set to see Green Day again this coming Sunday, and the day after I am headed out to Las Vegas once again. (Weird, right?) Nevertheless, my art and how I choose to present it all is my life and I take my life very seriously.

To quote one of my idols, Trent Reznor: “My best work is yet to come - watch and see.”


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