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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mormons & Christians, As Seen On TV

Hm. These pretentious door-to-door Mormons are still trying to get a hold of me.

Now I’ve got to watch my back every time I leave and enter my own apartment. As I sit here, thinking about this I’m realizing that religious people really scare me. Infact you can even say they straight-out terrify the hell out of me.

Is it because they’re freakishly happy and insanely persistent? I don’t understand why these types of individuals really want to so desperately preach their misguided version of the past. Do they get merit badges for every person they get to talk too? I don’t know. It makes me shiver a bit.

Since society likes to put labels onto people, it’s no surprise to anybody reading this that I’d probably fall into the lines of an atheist. My problem with this notion is that the contemporary atheist these days can be just as judgmental and douchey as their Christian and Mormon counterparts. I choose to not worship, believe, or hail any kind of god because I generally side with logic and reason, which is why I also don’t go around preaching my beliefs onto people.

Like, at school, there’s this booth called, “Ask an Atheist” where you just ask questions and some Atheist guy will answer you. I haven’t tried asking a question, but I just think it’s silly. It’s almost as if it’s a joke and just really waters down these kinds of attitudes. It just turns me completely off when my like-minded peers still end up becoming the factors they resist.

I’ve always stated that there is nothing wrong with “faith.” Having faith is alright, go for it. If your religion makes you happy, by all means keep having your faith, but I ask you that you just don’t try and preach it on to me or anybody else for that matter.

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Juan C. Garcia said...

Myself, i do believe in God, Jesus, and some stories from the Bible. But i do not consider myself christian... at all.

I consider myself "Open".