Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gah!! Sufferin' Succotash!

My final project for my Intermediate Life Drawing course is to do a full-fledged life sized drawing of ourselves. When I told Valerie this she exclaimed, “Urgh.. That’s so Barney and Friends.”

Then I went; “…”

Anywho, this assignment is proving most difficult for me. Not just cause I have such a low self-esteem kind of attitude towards my body or image, but just that the entire fucking thing has to be god damn perfect. I have to draw a clone. One worthy enough for me to make out with, and possibly (key word: POSSIBLY) go down on. ;) This thing needs to be finished by Monday and as it is I am making bad mistakes by procrastinating and lingering around Twitter hoping to see what my buddies do next! Ahh.. intercourse, eerr.. I mean, INTERWEBS. So awesome!

There is so much to do, so little time. You know, I annoy myself with the fact that I am a very slow drawer. Try and try as I might I have been working on my speed this throughout the month. It’s my main focus, just trying to get really quick and fast with my art. But alas, I’m too slow. I’m a slower drawer and a slow ass painter.

Oh, shit.. It’s 1AM at the moment. I should really take a shower, shave, and add a quick song to my Zune before I go off to bed. I have a long day tomorrow (eerr.. I mean, today..)

Night-night, Twits.. Uh, I mean.. Pilots!

No.. just.. Night-night kool kats! (That’s it!)

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