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Saturday, April 25, 2009

If Twitter was a blog entry, it would look like..


So, I have been busy.
Sorry for the lack of updates fellow friends.
I'm sure those of you on Facebook and (my new love) Twitter, have undoubtly notice.. I have been juggling many things at once.

In order to not go into specific details, here are some photos and comments with rapid action!

Saw Franz Ferdinand last night.
Got drunk.

Been very busy painting and doing new art.
Check out the WIPs over at my MySpace page.

Cold reunited. Saw them last week.

Me and my cousin Fernie met Scooter, Sam, and Terry.
Got a signed poster.

Two weeks ago I was stuck painting myself and..

..Aimee Echo!
Both of these paintings are finished and currently hung on the wall.
Except for myself portrait. :p
It's on the floor.

I also got a 125 out of 100 points in my Art Appreciation assignment inwhich I showcased, "Watered-Down Hues", "War Porn", "Like The Asian Holocaust", and "The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones".
Felt proud.


Went to bars.

Saw and meet the band, Nothing More.

Got a high C on my Goverment test.

That was bullshit.

Should have been higher.

Spent a lot of money.

Bought tickets to go see The Offspring in Austin.

Joined Green Day's fan club, "Idiot Club"

Stupid name for a club.

I say.

Needs to do an essay before Monday.

Ordered Female Trouble/The Pink Flamingos 2-pack DVD.

3 weeks ago.

Hasn't arrived.

Been talking to Sarah a lot these days.

Wants to buy the Persepolis graphic novel.

Buy it for me.

Drinking so much coke.

My Scarlett J. background is more high res than your face.

Seriously images shouldn't be this gigantic.

I bought a cool Ozymandias/Adrian action figure.

Be jealous.

I ate some Mac & Cheese.

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Juan C. Garcia said...

best part of this. The mac n' chesse. and wow dude you look ripped. have you been excersizing or somethin?