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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Make like a banana.. and SHYT!!

I’ve been pretty busy these days. I find myself working a lot more than usual. I guess it’s because this coming week is all about midterms and mid-assignments, or something. I’ll be going down to Laredo during next weekend. Not sure what I’m going to do exactly, but I’ll be there nonetheless.

So I’ve got a few drawings currently underway. But it makes me think that I’m like some mentally retarded kid. I seem to really take forever with doing art now. Have I always been this slow? It’s not cool at all.

Ugh, my breathe wreaks of Vodka. Yes I see him too, Chelsea.

So, like.. I saw Watchmen at the midnight showing over at the Rave (which is like digital screen, or some shit like that) and I have to say it was pretty good. It’s not better than The Dark Knight by any means, but it’s pretty good nevertheless. To quote a stupid movie critic; “The opening credits of the movie said far much more than all three Spider-Man movies.” I have to agree with the stupid movie critic. The opening credits is jaw-dropping and amazingly emotional. You see it, and already you realize this isn’t going to be like anything else.

Unfortunately, as the movie begins to build up Zack Snyder’s typical BS comes out. (Seriously, that one sex scene. Come on!) I wanted to shoot myself cause the movie lost a shit load of credibility. Needless to say a few other scenes also become a little too tedious and at times “dumb.”

But, I agree with what Peter Trevers of Rolling Stone said about it. (The only critic that I give a rats ass about.) Oh, except for him bashing Malin Akerman’s performance as Silk Spectre II. Her acting was good and on par with everybody else. (Well, except for Jackie Earle Haley who fucking rocked it as Rorschach. He was in a league of his own.)

Anyway, I recommend the movie. But I know a lot of you won’t touch the thing simply because I or the vast majority enjoy it and that comic book superhero movies should disappear. Either way, suit yourself. I had a good time.

But a word of caution for those going in to see it. The movie is “dark”, very dark infact. It’s very mature, and I’m not talking about the graphic violence. It’s like Sin City’s darkness only a lot less sugar coated or glamed up. Watchmen it touches on things like pedophilia, one “superman” rapes a fellow “superwoman” member, and the political atmosphere within that world is much more heavy. Heavier than “V for Vendetta.” Oh, and the soundtrack (for a lack of a better term) “fucking rocks.” Snyder’s not Quentin, but he chose some really great classics. Seriously, nice job on the Simon and Garfunkel bro.

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