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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bat-Dead-Man, Jason Todd Sucks, Stupid New Art, Kristen Stewart, & Nothing!

Interesting new fetishes, eh?

In-between going to house parties, skimping classes, skipping meals, drinking shit-tons of Coca-Cola, plotting revenge schemes, taking extraordinary amounts of prescription drugs, performing B.N.E.’s, doing random acts of violence on unnamed vehicles, and painting photos of Dexter Morgan, I have been kind of busy doing a whole lot of nothing.

I finished reading my Batman R.I.P. graphic novel a few days ago. I’m a little disappointed by it, cause it’s so not even finished. I was hoping it was going to be epic and instead it felt like it was just a prelude to something more. Also, I’ve been so out of the loop in the Batman world that I had no idea they (the writers) brought back Jason Todd.

Stupid Jason fuckin’ Todd more like it! That kid sucks!! SUCKS!! When on Earth did this happen?! Jason Todd died back in the late 80’s! He sucked so much Batman/DC Comic fans voted for him to be killed off from the series. The news that he’s alive makes me believe in nothing now!

Look, I know comic books are suppose to be for kids and be wacky and stupid with mindless action and half naked super women, but.. Every once in awhile they should try and actually be (not realistic), but rather.. Intelligent. Yes, intelligent. I know DC is trying to compete with Marvel by trying to be controversial and taking risks (Killing Batman (completely) is a good start), but geez.. Don’t cop-out a decade later and say Bruce Wayne is alive and that this entire ordeal was just a dream implemented by some alien technology.

The reason Marvel is kicking ass right now (well, except for Spider-Man) is because they are doing risky things with characters like Iron Man and Captain America and these decisions don’t feel forced or out-of-character. Infact, they are more representational of our current political climate and culture. It never comes off as too preachy or too stupid, nor does it ever get completely realistic. Those stories are grounded and keep true to it’s format which is why it works.

Anyway, that’s way too much Batman talk for one post. It seems I have atleast one entry devoted to Batman since I’ve opened up this blog. Rofl-waffle.

In other related news about moi, I uploaded my latest piece of crap painting to my official website, MySpace, and Facebook. But for those of you lazy enough to click on my links, here is the god damn JPEG for you to see. Behold!

“I Wear It On My Sleeve”

This stupid picture marks the first official release since October 2008’s “Sick” and of course the first of 2009. OMG! Too bad it sucks.

A more in-dept description of “On My Sleeve” will premier later in the next few weeks when I make my anti-climactic return to DeviantART and Sheezy. Oh, boy. I’m so scared.

So like, I should be reading and doing homework instead I’m just listening to Lily Allen’s latest album, writing about Batman on my blog, and developing a crush on Kristen Stewart. (She likes pot so that's always a plus.)

Maybe I should see Twilight. God dammit.. -_-


Juan C. Garcia said...

whats that plastic all about? O_o

Jorge Gonzalez said...

lol! I needed a reference photo of a hand in plastic/saram wrap for my next painting in that position.

So I had to do it myself since Google Images doesn't have that. rofl