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Monday, June 30, 2008

I Gun San Antonio

It seems that I just don’t like San Antonio at all. Period. I’m sure, I like going to hang out with some friends or going to concerts, but I gotta say; it’s right up there with how I feel about Houston. I just don’t like that city. Even though we’re 2 and half hours away from San Antonio, the atmosphere and surroundings are different and my annoyance radar is easily set off.

After some thought, it’s clear of where my dislike comes from. Like Houston, San Antonio has always been a place that I’ve basically gone for just doctor appointments. When I was younger, I had a major back surgery in Houston as well as a lot of check-ups. San Antonio is the same and conjures up a lot of crappy memories. I’ve spent many nights in hospital beds over there and I find myself saying “Goodbye“ more often than not.


Anyway, I have to go San Antonio tonight to pick up Valarie from the airport. She went to see an internet friend in Kansas City, Missouri. Even though it’s only for a couple of hours, I don’t really like being in San Antonio or that particular airport for too long. Too many bad memories, too many shitty experiences in that town.

I’m sure the Kill Hannah show on the 13th will be neat; though no amount of concerts will ever take a way my feelings toward that city. Oh, well.


Juan C. Garcia said...

something about San Antonio that makes me not want to live there. I grew up with San Antonio being more like a vacation spot.

How the hell am i supposed to live in a vacation spot?
Its like a bigger Laredo over there, thats how i see it. Only in the Big Laredo they have concerts and other junk you wont find here.

Not so many "Oigas" (Annoying and etiquettly challenged Mexicans) over at SA, but they are there...

Thats why i'm going for Austin for my future living quarters.

Jorge Gonzalez said...

Yeah man, Austin is the way to go.

I LOVE that place, but I'm sure I've told you my only one grip.. and that is the GOD DAMN TRAFFIC! Chinga-la-madre' I swear that is the only thing that ruins it for me.

Other than that, it's a fucking great place to just be you, and only you. You don't have to compromise to anybody elses standards and you're automatically accepted.

Juan C. Garcia said...

ah yes... thats why i think me and the guys are gonna carpool alot.