Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Tonight was Mrs. Bausman's art show at the Laredo Center for the Arts. A few of us got to go to it but some of the other crew were either stuck at work or couldn't make it because they were probably passed out or something. Still, it the show was neat. Though they ran out of wine a little to quickly. I was kinda buzzing for about a good hour and a half. Sucks.

I met one of Eddie's friends, Cindy whom told me that she had seen some of my work. Apparently Eddie showed her "War Porn" (the uncensored edition over at my account). She liked it a lot, and said I had a lot of talent. But since she is an older woman she is a bit more conservative about certain parts of that drawing in which she said she "couldn't look at", which I understand wholeheartedly. Alas she wanted to know where a lot of that sort of thing comes from and I basically told her where a lot of my ideas come from and why it is the way they are.

It was a nice time. Oh, and apparently Mrs. Bausman had "Throwing Up Water & Acid" hung in her bedroom wall for awhile. Unfortunately she took it down because her son (who also was at the show) was "scared of it" and demanded that it be taken out cause he didn't like the figure. I thought that was funny. I usually joke that my artwork "scares kids" and here is a perfect example of just that.

But it meant a lot to me that she actually had it hung on her wall. It made me realize that people are listening. Things are going further than what I could have ever pictured as a 22 year old Hispanic with a crutch. People do understand and they are getting something out of my artwork.

Alas, back in internet-land, I think I am unintentionally making an enemy in my DeviantART account over some of my beliefs and things that I have mentioned in "War Porn". While I'm glad I'm challenging those around me and allowing users and viewers to be more aware of issues that affect not just women but society as a whole; I feel some people are just there to argue and not necessarily learn anything. Which of course doesn't get anybody, anywhere.

Still I'm optimistic and I think the persons in question are willing to learn and not try to just be a bully of some kind.

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