Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

*drinks an orange Fanta*

Today was a pretty productive day with my artwork. Things are shaping up well, but there is still much, much, much, much more to be done. Is work ever finished for an artist? Heh, I think not.

So I finally got around to seeing “The Big Lebowski“. (Yeah, I know. Sue me.) The movie was really funny. John Goodman is such an asshole and a moron. lol! He kind of stole the show with all the crap he would say and how he’d react to situations. For having such a pointless life, “The Dude” had quiet the adventure. Haha.

It’s obviously a movie I should buy. Same thing goes for the movie “Spun“. OMG.. When Ralph showed me that movie, I was just shocked and very appalled. That was one crazy fuckin’ trip of a movie. It’s such a slick film and has a lot of really good actors in it (as well as some of the best cameos by the likes of Deborah Harry, Billy Corgan, and Rob Halford) and yet I had never even heard of it. It’s even a 2002 film. Weird, huh? Regardless it’s cool and I should really go out and buy it. The soundtrack was produced by Billy Corgan so it’s got a nice mix of strange and kooky tunes.

Tomorrow I’m going to be going to the movies with my cousin to see that Bleach movie at the movie theater in the mall. It’s one time thing, and I have no fucking idea what the hell that anime series is even about so I might be confused up the ass. The only thing I know about that series is that it’s popular with the kids and they show it in Cartoon Network. Other than that, I’m just lost. But whatever, it gets me out of the house, right? Also tomorrow night I might go see a free screening of The Incredible Hulk with Valarie over at Mauricio’s movie theater. Maybe, who knows.

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