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Monday, June 2, 2008

No Place For Me

Well (as assumed) my latest entry was deleted from Sheezy as was my political rebel yell, "War Porn". :(

Some of my finest peices and yet they're getting deleted. How am I suppose change the world if I'm continuously getting removed.

Anyway, I got a "warning" from Sheezy saying that my work is pornographic and went on to quote their Terms of Service. Here's what the mod had to say:

The below submissions have been removed because they were deemed pornographic for the listed reasons:

Artwork #1793048:
"A Moment to Myself": explicitly depicted sexual act

Artwork #1775638:
"War Porn": masturbation

If you continue to post images depicting pornographic material, you will be banned.

Suddenly my art gets reduced too "images depicting pornographic material" and not.. well.. art. That pisses me off. Is it my fault that you found it arousing? It wasn't suppose to get you off. "A Moment to Myself" depicted my state of loneliness and was my small way of expressing myself as to how I felt during the months of October, November, and early December as I was recovering from my emergency heart surgery. I’m sorry Sheezy, that I am not like 97% of the twits in your site who post MS Paint Bitmaps of their ultra-super-original-anime/ninja/furry-hybrid character with the lopsided double D breast and the spikey hair hero with a huge sword.

Sorry that it actually takes me a long time to draw something and actually deem it art. I can’t take a shit like you all and call that art because, quite frankly, I take it too seriously to disrespect the medium like that. So it really pisses me off that you all belittle my work like that when I have far more talent on my fucked up spinal cord than any of your staff will ever even begin to comprehend.

So fuck you SheezyArt and fuck you too nike13. You god damn, piece of shit hypocrite. You do nothing but Ecchi and get away with it. I guess I now understand why you kept “Incarcerated Dearest” uploaded for so long. Little bitch.. you're just another lost cause.. lost in your saftely blanket.

But whatever, whatever. Stay stupid idiots. Like Kay keeps telling me, I am getting much more successful outside of the internet. I don’t think I could ever be as successful as I am now doing jpegs such as this. Come to think of it, I don't think I can look at myself in mirror with a straightface trying to convince myself into believing that I am artist or let alone, think I am talented. I'm not blind to the facts. about that Virgin wine I mentioned in my description.

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