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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Raging Gracefully

I've been kind of busy in my little laboratory putting my god damn neurosis onto paper. Things are going okay, but I’d really like to get my own easel since some of my work is getting a bit bigger.

Oh, so I’ve been listening to the new Offspring album, “Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace” (which is scheduled to come out next week) all day yesterday and today in my lil‘ Zune 30. I gotta say, the album is fantastic! Boy, I’ve missed these guys. The last time we had a proper album was back in 2003. Shhessh, time has most certainly gone by. “Rage and Grace” is defiantly the album they needed to make. There isn’t any “joke” songs and most of the lyrics are much more deeper and have a twisted kind of meaning to them. I mean, for one thing “Hammerhead” starts off as a political anti-war kind of song but it isn’t towards the end of the track that you realize it was taken into the perspective of a student doing a school shooting. “Kristy, Are You Doing, Ok?” is about Dexter talking about girl he used to be friends with as a kid whom was sexually abused and “A Lot Like Me“ has to be one of more melancholic sounding tunes that Dexter has written since “Amazed” back on 1997’s “Ixnay on the Hombre.”

So The Offspring took themselves pretty seriously on this record, and I love it! The band has grown up with me and I‘m glad. :D With songs like “Half-Truism”, “A Lot Like Me”, “Nothingtown”, “Fix You”, and “Shit is Fucked Up” I hear myself in those songs these days. Still at 22, the group that will forever have a place in my heart is still writing the soundtrack to mah life. Oh, and let us not forget “You’re Gunna Go Far, Kid”.. finally The Offspring did a dance track! OMG, me likely mucho.

Well, that’s all. I need to go back to work, these little monsters aren’t going to finish themselves.

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