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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Metal Gear Soild 4, Hancock, and "Chains"

It’s been pretty tough working on drawings lately. Too much around me that gets me distracted. I’ve been hanging out with my cousin Fernie a lot and yesterday I hung out with Sir JC “Supafly” Garcia and I got to see his Playstation 3 at work playing “Metal Gear Soild 4.” OMGF, it was awesome. Graphically it’s one amazing game, but even though I know they’ll explain the story as you progress, I felt really confused.

All in all, though, it looks really nice. I am sure a PS3 will find it’s way into this house again pretty soon.. >.> I will undoubtedly see what happens next.

Oh yeah, on Tuesday I got to go see Will Smith’s new movie, Hancock. It’s a pretty fun movie, I gotta say. I don’t think I will buy it on DVD, but I can tell I will be watching it a lot when it comes out on HBO. Even though it gets kinda serious towards the end, the humor, action, and fun make the movie from becoming a failure.

Aside from my fun distractions, today I was stuck in my laboratory for most of the day working away, penning my nightmares and fighting my demons with pencils and inks. I like where some of these new drawings are going. Hopefully I can maintain a good schedule and can work on them for and more. One drawing you can expect soon will be called, “Chains” which is one of my more abstract pieces.

Hopefully you kats, will enjoy that. That’s it for now, I’m gunna go chill out.

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