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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Torrents, Slipknot, The Long Halloween, and a new drawing..

Okay, so I have been hard at work in my lab concocting some new artwork whilst at the same time I am downloading full DVD volumes of Batman Beyond and Batman the Animated Series (amongst others of course).

Honestly, I have become quite the little pack-rat these days with torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay, The internet speeds in these apartment are INSANELY fast. 15Gigs of Batman cartoons and movies all within a day. Sometimes they even go an entire meg per second while downloading. Boy if I wasn’t much of a pirate before, now I have to be Captain Jack Sparrow.

I also grabbed myself a copy of the new Slipknot album late last night (with 3 bonus tracks). It’s pretty good. It might not have breathtaking tracks like, “The Nameless”, “The Blister Exists”, or “Circle”, but it certainly has it’s great share of awesome tracks. I recommend it.

Oh, also I’ve been reading the Batman graphic novel, “The Long Halloween.” I had been looking for it for a really long time now. It wasn’t in Laredo’s comic store and book store, it was sold out in the San Antonio comic store and in the first comic store I went to here in Denton (which is in walking distance) they had everything but that. But now, after searching in another store, I finally found it! The only copy and it was hiding behind this other book (which is saying a lot since they had TONS of comics.

Anyway, (long story-short) the wait and search was worth it. This graphic novel is AMAZING. I’m almost going to finish it, but already it has made my mouth drop more than anything before it. The artwork is STUNNING. The character designs for Joker and the way he moves and walks are nuts. The relationship between Catwoman and Batman is really nice and it’s more of a mental thing than anything else. The writing is simply FLAWLESS. After reading most of this I see where Nolan and his brother got the inspiration for the Dark Knight movie cause they do take away a lot of elements from this book. It’s simply to die for! I’ve never said anything like this about any comic or novel, but I am in LOVE with this book. It’s my favorite graphic novel! I know everybody always gets on their knees for Frank Miller and his stereotypical BS, but I gotta say that Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale totally blow his work on Batman out of the water. It’s sssoooo goood!

So (aside from my childhood comic book obsession making a grand return in my early twenties); I’m really close of finishing a new drawing at the moment. It might be up before this weekend, so keep on coming by my blog or watch my website and DeviantART for it. It’s another “Cynical Chameleon” numbered drawing.

That’s all I will say about it for now. The next time I mention it will be when it is released. ; )

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