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Friday, August 15, 2008

11 New Photos Added! Plus, Layout Change!

We can't let some bad news dictate how we run the rest of our lives right? Haha.

Thanks to all my pals who gave me some words of encouragement and support over my upcoming surgery. I really appreciate it guys. You too, Toner. -_^

After all this bullshit is done we should all get together and go to local Austin show or just hang out at 6th street on a Friday night. : )

Well, I decided to upload ELEVEN new photos to the photography section. Finally ya'll get to see all 5 photos from The Birthday Massacre set back in May. PLUS, six photos of Mat Devine from the Kill Hannah performance this past July. Check em' out. Especially the Kill Hannah photos. I'm really proud of those pictures.

So, since my new photos have a certain style to them than my older photos, I have decided to take my old pictures off the site. In order to really represent my photography I have changed the layout and thumbnail dimensions of the site.

Sorry Alpha Rev and theSTART. You know I love you guys, but I am not proud of those photos. I do however, plan to see you guys again next time your around the area (where ever that might be [Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, or Laredo]) and I'd love to get down and dirty with all ya'll and get some sweet photos. So Alpha Rev fans and START fans, don't fret. You will get some new slick photos in the future. You can write it down dammit. -_^

Also head to my Sheezy page and comment/favorite some stuff. My photography seems to be lifting off in that site. (I guess joining the Mindless Self Indulgence club really helped a lot.) lol!

Thanks for the support guys!

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