Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I think I've had enough.

There are just too many old white men in charge.

I am getting very sick and tired of this nonsensical loop of misogynistic, bible-thumping, racist, politicians jacking each other off in both Congress and the White House. I am just so god damn sick of it already!

These are primitive ideologies and shouldn’t be put into practice let alone build laws centering around them. The fact that there are anti-choice laws for women shows you that these men do not respect women and in all honesty just plain hate them. I do no understand why you can’t see that Cindy. You deserve better than what you’ve been taught to believe.

God doesn’t exist and it never did, so you can all stop enforcing it‘s poison onto the non-thinking majority!

I wish all these stupid fucks would just die from heart failure or diabetes. The world doesn’t need anymore old farts wearing Depends blowing the shit out of brown people’s homes in far off countries.

Oh, and smooth move John, getting senator Sarah Palin to be your Vice President. A woman was a fine choice, especially in these kinds of times. But it has to be said; boys, before you get a stiffy from looking at pictures of this MILF, you should know she’s all “man” under that skirt. She’s just as psychotic and retarded as her male counterparts in office. (“Creationism” in schools? Really, now?? Go to a fucking Comic-Con and discuss that trivial 2nd rate science-fiction bullshit with cos-players, cause that kind of crap doesn‘t belong in an elementary school.)

Why is it all these women in office have primitive views like their old male counter-parts? Well, if I need to explain that answer then I think it’s safe to say that’s why nobody will remember your name.

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