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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Red Highlights, Dreams, Tegan or Sara? & A Picture of Natalie Portman Breaking A Beer Bottle On Her Head

Boy, the opening Olympics ceremony was pretty amazing last night. It was so amazingly great and performed. One of the greatest pieces of performance art ever.

So, who’s been watching some of the Olympic matches? Pretty cool, huh. I entered some MyCokeRewards sweepstakes in which I could win $1,000 depending if the United States gets a gold medal in some of the competitions. I forgot which ones I placed bets on, (since I did it a few days ago) but I know women’s Volleyball, women’s swimming, men’s basketball, and men’s softball were ones I entered. I mean, I would imagine we American’s would dominate those fields. I entered others, like I said, but I forgot.

Anyway today I got a hair cut and added a lot of red highlights on my hair. Pretty sweet actually. If I looked sexier before, I look even more irresistible now. I’m looking more and more everyday like my character “Ice” on Rock Band (especially with my torn/sleeveless shirts). lulz!

Oh, I’ve been having weird dreams these past few weeks. Today I had one about Jaime’s friend Santi. For some reason, he liked to dress up as a woman. He went all out too, and looked more convincing than a drag queen (or Jeffree Star). I guess cause they go for a raunchy look, than a natural look which Santi seemed to pull off. So anyway, in this dream I was with a group of people in some place that resembled a musem, when all of a sudden Santi comes back inside the building crying. Apparently these group of guys beat him up while he had stepped outside. Nobody in the building was saying or doing anything to help Santi, he just sat there sad and hurt.

I got this huge homophobic vibe out of the dream. Like, nobody was even acknowledging him or anything. Everyone just ignored him. I wanted to say something in Santi's defense, but this guy looked at me and had this “you better not even thinking about it” kind-of-expression on his face. So I remember thinking, “I’d rather not speak in Santi's defense, for I will risk my reputation and credibility in front of all these people.” After I woke up from the dream I felt really disturbed. I didn’t like that at all. The dream totally made me look like some fake guy who will hide his inner feelings (and let alone stand up) for the minority just so I don’t look bad in front of people.

I know a lot of people like to read into dreams and take them as symbolism (or representational), but I don’t know for sure. I’ll admit, I’ve had some dreams in the past that have totally exposed the vulnerable or angry and sinister side of me (the side I try to work on and change, everyday), but some of them can be just plain silly.

For instance, I’ve been having some dreams about Tegan from Canadian rock artists Tegan and Sara. They’re weird dreams, if you ask me. I was out fishing with them and then we were at some dark store that sold vintage things (posters, signs, cards, etc.). For whatever reason, I so afraid to confess my love for Tegan (lol!) and I never got the chance to tell her that. The girls said they were going on tour (so why were they at the store with me!?) and I really wanted to tell her how I felt about her. Finally when I got enough courage (and stopped looking at an awesome Dark Knight poster that I wish was real) she was gone, along with her sister Sara. The next several moments was me depressed and missing Tegan.

It was pretty funny when you think about it, and I like talking about this dream especially since.. well, Tegan has absolutely no interest in perusing boys! lol! She likes girls! lol! So subconsciously, do I have a crush on Tegan? Is my dream trying to say something? ..and if so, why do I have a crush on Tegan and not her sister Sara whom looks EXACTLY LIKE HER, since they are twins! If I would say to them, you want ice-cream cone, both of them say yes! (damnem’tohell,theyrtwinz)

Mucho rofllers indeed. Dreams are funny like that. Bleh, walla walla. Oh, here is a picture of Tegan and Sara. Or Sara and Tegan. Or Tegan and Sara.. Or Sara and Tegan.. Or.. I don’t know! I’m so confused!!

AAHH!! As promised in my entry's title, here is an animated gif of Natalie Portman breaking an empty beer bottle on her head:


Damn Natalie, you is bbbaaaddd..

Oh, and fuck you John Edwards. You fucked everything up. That is all. lolz!

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