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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Such a lonely day, and it's mine..

It's been an unevenful day.

Yesturday though, I ran around town for a bit trying to keep myself busy. I took Mr. Meow (yes, I know he has many names) to the vet for a check up. Dr. Santos saw him and said he was doing really well. I told him about the chicken diet and the egg with butter once a week, and he really liked that. He gave Kaser (yeah, get used to it) his regular shot to prevent him from getting any illnesses. All in all, it went pretty well. See Kay, I'm a decent papa.

I do need to get the little guy a bigger kettle though, cause he's fucking huge now. :P Not really, but yeah.. he needs a bigger one.

I also used my Best Buy gift cards to get some Zune accessories that I am definetly going to need when I go on trips. I've still been drawing and writing. Even taking photos, which I am sure will make a lot of people concerned about me. But again, it's all for art people and me growing as an artist. I won't say much now, because I just know I am going to have to be defending myself once these are all officially released.

Today has been fucking lame, for a lack of a better word. I was looking at some videos I took of Jaime, Fausto, and my cousin during the Winter Break, and it just bummed me out because they aren't here anymore. None of them are here! They're all in Dallas. I hear Fausto's new appartment is really awesome. He's attending UNT with Jaime, my cousin Alison, and her boyfriend Jesus. Nando is in Dallas close to graduating from The Art Institue. I was remebering all the fun we had during Rock Band and how we all teamed up for the World Tour. They don't have to answer to anybody out there. Jaime, Al, and Jesus went to Austin for the weekend to chill with some friends and I'm here doing jack shit. I wish I could just drop all my classes and focused all my energy to go to concerts whenever I damn well pleased. Have adventures, meet strangers, and just be with people who feel the same way as I do about music and life. I miss theSTART concert. I met some cool people there who accepted me for who I was and didn't treat me different cause I'm so fucked up. I was able to open up with them and shit.

I had an argument with my mom about religion earlier today and she didn't like what I was saying. She really said that, actually. So she quickly gave up cause I fucking owned her shitty beliefs. Anyway, later the subject changed to about being pro-choice and how it's important Barak or Hilary wins this Tuesday and not let the republicans get their way cause they're always against it. I told her my usual stance which is, "No man should ever get in the way of a women's body. A women has the right to do whatever she wants to herself." She agreed, then told me her fucked up senario with her gynecologist. She told him she wanted to get her tubes tied, but because of some retarded policy they have to follow, he said to her, "You should go speak to your husband about this to see if he's okay with that." What the flying fuck, man? Who fucking gives a shit what my dad thinks about this. If my mom wants to get her tubes tied, let her get her fucking tubes tied. Son of a bitch, man! Argh! I just don't understand men on this topic.

Like, I hated that I also needed a reason to get a vasectomy. Like, not wanting children wasn't good for you, dumbshits?! Luckly, I have every single illness in the whole fucking world (except testicular cancer), so it was easy for me to convince them. Now, I'm just waiting till all this heart bullshit ends so I can get it done.

Shit, the Black Parade album is going to end on my Zune. I started writing on the first track. I've felt I've said so little. I guess I am a slow typer. Oh, well. Fuck me in the ass.

Speaking of fucking me in the ass, I saw Bob Saget's comedy special on HBO yesturday. Holy fucking shit, it was funny. I liked it when he talked about him and John Stamos going into their Full House characters in a men's restroom, while this kid was in there. The kid was like, "Wow, Full House is real!" OMG it was awesome.

Oh yeah, the Super Bowl is tomarrow. Shit. Uh.. well, my cousin Adam told me to keep an eye out for the commercials cause they're going to show 3 trailers of new highly anticipated movies. He said one was "The Incredible Hulk" (with Edward Norton), some other movie I forgot, and last but not least, the mutha-fuckin' live action trailer for DRAGONBALL! Holy shit, that's gunna be fucking fucked up, that's what that is. I can't wait to rofl at that. I don't even know who's in it. What saga does it take place? Oh, American's you'll take anything these days.


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