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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines-Eve & Minor Updates

Well, Jeffree Star caved-in and decided to release his latest song a day early. Regardless, tomarrow is going to be a big day. (For me atleast.) I will be releasing my latest poem, "Vicodin Blues" which I am really proud of and hope it gets some good reviews. Also a certain band is going to release tickets to their upcoming US tour (hint, hint), that I have to really fight for because they will most likely sell out in a few mintues or an hour. (Yeah, that kind of band.)

Also some shit is going down here in Laredo that has the city/construction close some streets to the only route that lead to the college. Anyway, I ain't missing much for tomarrow, so I am not going to show up. I will be taking advantage of tomarrow to finish up some drawings and homework that need to be done.

Oh yeah, Bert was the nude model today in Life Drawing. Haha, I'm suprised I didn't see any tracks on his arm. rofl.

Well, my head hurts kind of bad at the moment. See you all later.


I did some minor updates to my website. The first is I made two new introduction pages from old anime fanart pages that were originally linked from the SuperKnux Network. You can view the first one here and the second one here. The latter is a sneak peak at "Like The Asian Holocaust". Check it out, your first glance at some new material. Hopefully I will be able to premire it next week as planned. I also added some new rock band links to the Links section.

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