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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

KC the Cat, Skulls, and MSI's new song/remix

The other day me and Kaser Gato were talking about how he wanted to get in on the whole "Cheezburger" scene in hopes of getting more popular. (Apparently this music video, wasn't enough.) So, I said "Sure" and lent him the olympus camera, and well.. he totally went for it. He took some 20 odd shots, and when he showed them to me he only wanted to use two of the 20 photos. I dunno why, I felt the others were good too. Especially one photo where he has green eye. But whatever, he's KC, right? I can't argue with the guy.

So he made that crazy photo. I dunno if he even has My Space account. If he does, he most certainly hasn't added me and my scary drawings to his friends list. Then there was this one:

This one was just weird. I think he secretly wanted to shoot some emo pictures, since he's been listening to a lot Taking Back Sunday these days. Atleast that's what he tells me, who knows, it could be Three Days Grace or something. Regardless, I thought it was clever and he looks cute. He's asleep right now, but told me to upload them in my blog so his momma can see him.

I told him if he was ready for another video shoot, but he didn't really give me a clear answer. Maybe in a few weeks, or something?

Well, I finally finished the skull excercise that's due tomarrow morning. Check it out below:

Anyway, for some weird reason Mindless Self Indulgence released a new song off their latest album, "IF" but it's a remix by the Birthday Massacre..? I dunno, it seems they're going to release a remix EP next month. Odds are I'm going to download it, so what the hell right? Hear the new song here.

What else, what else..? Uh, I think this Thursday I will release about 8 new photos to the photography section of my site. Yes, it's a new band this time and not theSTART. Happy? Oh, and uh.. one last thing..

Opps, Kay hasn't seen the movie.. and I just spoiled it for her. Sowwie.


Faingor said...

I think his collar needs to be loosened (or removed would be better- best if kitties don't wear collars indoors). Other than that, he's looking good... getting his adult face, that's for sure. He'll be leading meetings soon at Kitty Corp.

Chicken, beef, red salmon, butter, and egg, remember! :D

Juan C. Garcia said...

Chicken, beef, red salmon, butter and egg?!

... *opens wallet and rethinks owning a cat*


Faingor said...

It's not so bad, Juan. The price can be anywhere from $30-40 a month, two meals a day. Cheaper than feeding a human mouth, and it will give you one happy and healthy kitty!

Jorge Gonzalez said...

Yeah actually it isn't really expensive. Infact, I think it might just a little under 30 bucks. So yeah. The butter and egg breakfest is only once a week. And the ground beef last a good while too.