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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Marine" Added to DeviantART!

A new drawing called "Marine" has been added to
DeviantART and has been getting some positive feedback. Even scored me a watch.

Anyway, I'm seriously dissappointed in the Offspring fans over in Australia who (for whatever fucking reason) can't seem to get a recording of "Hammerhead" or the new song "Half-Turism" from the Soundwave Fest they've been playing lately. Instead we have a dozen YouTube videos of "Come Out and Play", "Bad Habit", and "Want You Bad".. the same fucking songs we've been listening to for years and years and years! ..and with all these iPhones, smart phones, and camera's that jack you off, you still can't get any kind of recording of these new songs?! Fuck.. any other Mainstream Rock Band fanbase would have had 320kpbs mp3s and videos all over YouTube by now! There's a battle at Offspring BBS on why Australian fans suck. But whatever.

Here's hoping Trent Reznor's March 1st update is worthwhile, cause over here in Offspringland, things are pretty embarassing.

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Juan C. Garcia said...

I didnt know Offspring had a new album coming out already. When is it due?

lol, Want You Bad... thats what people think of when you say you like the offspring.
or Pretty Fly... or Original Prankster...

I dont think Hit That got as much recognition as the confusing time of the 90's.

weren't we all supposed to be watching the Real World and Road Rules back then? i cant remember.