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Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Public Art" Section Now Open!

Finally, after days of writing, cropping, and uploading, I finally have the Public Art section under the Misc. Art Gallery. *out of breathe* Check it out, you better god dammit.

I go all out for shit nobody even cares about. But fuck it, right? That's mah life.

Anyway, I feel I need to say something about this whole Britney Spears situation not because I want to say, "I told you so", but just to have it written down somewhere. As you all unfortunately know, Britney isn't in a good spot at the moment. She hasn't been since this past Summer (or ever since she married Kevin Federline, take your pick). Regardless, I wanted to say this. She is going to die. I'm sorry, but she is. This is going to end tragic. Another starlet defeated to her rotten core (can you tell I'm listening to "Somewhat Damaged"?).

Anyway, Britney is going to die in some tragic way, but what will get to me is that despite this, America would learn nothing. The day she hits a tree, there will be football field-long lines of paparazzi taking photos of every possible angle of her bleeding skull. Nobody calling the police, nobody helping, just flashes after flashes of cameras. Okay, maybe not that morbid. But the point is, we wouldn't learn anything from this. It's unfortunate, but the sad truth is these company's who run all the US Weeklys and the People Magazines of the world are paying top dollar to anybody who can get the most fucked up photos of the pop princess. It sucks, but we all play a role in this. Even if you avoid tabloid sites, gossip pages, and movie news sites, it's still happening and I don't think we can fix this. I read an article of this one paparazzo who quit his agency cause he had a enough of playing a role in destroying her. I've only read about him. Just one guy. The only way we will learn anything from this is if more people were like that guy. But their not, and the media, the televison, the internet, outside, my school, my magazine, my grocery store are going to continue putting me on a front row ticket to the destruction of yet another starlet.

This isn't journalism, it's exploitation. Once she's dead and gone, the media will have documentries, tv shows, and "inside the paparazzi" one hour specials, and how they played a role in destroying her and all that jazz. I bet your fucking ass they'll try and point fingers, and yes, most if not all those fingers will be pointed at the paparazzi, but the fact of the matter is.. nothing is going to change. People will still buy the magazines, newspapers, and visit the internet sites. People like me will blog about it, and will have more videos on the next star to fall down. Amy Winehouse? I wouldn't doubt it, it's already happening really.

Regardless, my point is; America will learn nothing. Company's and corporations won't take responsiblity for what they will put on their front page. If we all just stopped searching "Britney Spears" on Google, we might have a chance. If US Weekly, Rolling Stone, and People magazine just stopped putting headlines of her and photos of her on the cover, (knowing they won't sell nearly as many issues) we might have a chance to actually save her or anybody else. But we're not.

America will learn nothing.


Faingor said...

Britney's entire career is just sexism at it's rotten, misogynistic core. It won't ever end until men see women as human beings, and stop treating them like they're public trash.

Heath Ledger dies from medicine/drug overdose and what do we do? Mourn.

Britney Spears dies from alcohol/drug/self-abuse and what will we do? Either laugh, scoff, or remember what a "slut" she was.

Jorge Gonzalez said...


I actually really wanted to do a post about the whole Heath Ledger drug thing, but I refrained cause I think the majority won't agree with my view and I'd rather people go off on my art then what I say in a blog.

But yeah, she was molded, sculpted, and created by old men to sell records and dolls. How do you do that? Sex of course.

In some weird, abstract kind of way, the drawing I'm releasing tomorrow addresses that. It's hidden, but if you read inbetween the lines this message is in there.

Faingor said...

Btw... I do like the new section, and I do care! I like all the photos. I love catching people off-guard on camera. They usually have interesting expressions. Unless it's me- then I always look stupid.