Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Saturday, January 26, 2008

She's coming..

So, now that I have this new found urge of wanting to draw more, I have been brainstorming new ideas for drawings and poems. I have thought up some of the best ideas in a long time. A lot of them connect to other works and art that I have done. It's fantastic.

I just need to get them out there now.

Well, my cousin's wedding was nice. Kinda ghetto, but it was good. I managed to score me a shit load of Coke Rewards codes. Holy shit, I am awesome.

Anyway, my dad is pestering me to go with him to the bull riding rodeo tonight at the LEC. Urgh. What do I look like, a cowboy? I could careless for rodeos. With that said, the LEC is going to look pretty shit with dirt all over the place instead of ice. I'd rather stay home and start on some of those ideas, cause I want to see the response from those who actually observe my work.

Oh, I have also been working on some of the Supplemental Content for The Shades of Jorge Gonzalez website. They're pretty informative and some of the character descriptions might open your eyes to just how much deeper my work can be. It also goes deeper in terms of how I feel about myself and the people around me. I will let you all know when those get finished up.

Expect a new drawing in a few days, too. It's a picture I started six months ago, and it's finally going to get finished. So yeah, brace yourself, a new original drawing is coming. I'll be sure to post it up here.

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