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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last night, was like Wartime!

So I went to the Laredo Bucks hockey game last night. Let me tell you, it was nuts! The Bucks lost 6 to 2 against the dumb Mudbugs, but that didn't mean that it was a crappy game. For some reason, a little into the 2nd period the lights got screwy in the arena, making half the arena dark and the other with limited light. The jumbotron also got messed up and so did the speakers throughout the arena. Thus, there was no music or commentator. Well after a small delay, the teams decided to continue the game.

It was like that one part of the song "Sugar" by System of a Down, you know the part that goes "No lights?! No Muussiicc?! Just ANGER! I've killed everyone!" Yeah, it was exactly like that. Tons of fights and pentalties from the Bucks. Like crazy fights too, I think James Hebert grabbed one of the Mudbug players while the Mudbug was on the floor and smashed his face into the ice. It was crazy! You take away the jumbotron and the Bucks go psycho.

Them crazy Canadians make a dirt dance floor out of ice I tell you.

I had my Zune with me, which was cool, cause since there was no music or annoying commercials through the speakers, it was easier to listen to my music without it getting mashed in with theirs. Linkin Park provided a good soundtrack to last night. So did Placebo's "Bulletproof Cupid".

So yeah, it was interesting game. It sucks that tomarrow I start LCC again. It's going to be weird. I haven't really driven that much since my heart went batshit crazy last year. I am taking pretty much what I took last semester all over again except for the Math class. Instead I am taking Life Drawing. What sucks about my new schedual is that the classes are longer and on Tuesdays and Thursdays they're spread apart by a lot of time. I think I am going to have like 2 hours inbetween classes. I guess it's good, so maybe I can start drawing again or for doing homework.

Unfortunately, I have a doctor's appointment in San Antonio on Tuesday, thus missing the first day of class for my Tuesdays and Thursdays. *rolls eyes* I'll let you all know how that goes of course. It sounds to be a long day of tests and getting naked and wearing robes and swallowing horrible tasting medicines. *le sigh*

Anyway, before I go check out this website for you Nine Inch Nails fans. It's a very interesting site that compiled a lot of artistic references and visuals that have inspired Trent or have been sampled through his music. It's a very interesting read, especially for those who are like me that enjoy this sort of deep shit and going further down the spiral, as they say. Warning though, it does have some distrubing images. But if you're a NIN fan, or enjoy my drawings, it isn't anything you haven't already seen.

Seeya for now!

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