Another Pilot Down: The Artwork of George Gonzalez

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Portrait Added

Today I spent the entire day relentlessly drawing a new portrait of Heath Ledger as the Joker, and the result can be viewed here. It's also been posted up on The Many Shades of Jorge Gonzalez. The response and feedback seems to be pretty positive. I'll admit though, the scanner really took away a lot of detail from it. The physical drawing looks so much better. The values are well put together. I'm not bragging, it's the damn truth. I went all out on this portrait. It took me all day, like 10 hours non-stop. I dedicate it to Heath Ledger. It sucks that he died. It really bummed me out when I heard the news. This drawing is just a small tribute to him as The Joker, which will no doubt be the best rendition of the character.

I hope you all enjoy it, even if it's a little low quality.

Tomarrow my cousin Adam is going to get married. That is so weird. Boy, times have sure changed. I remember when we were little kids. We'd have all these adventures just like Rugrats. We'd play "Power Rangers" and all sorts of things. Not to mention video games. Oh, those were the days. In our teens we played Power Stone on the Dreamcast and watch Dragonball Z together. Those were the days. Now he's 23 and getting married, and expecting a new born child. Wowsers. To think, he can't even drive car! ..or maybe he does now, I am not sure. I wish he'd talk more to me these days, we seem so distant now. He's a totally different person now, it's weird. I can't even pin-point when exactly we started to drift apart. During get-together's he just gave a simple "Hi" and will occasionally laugh at my antics while playing Guitar Hero 3 or Rock Band. But that's about it. Even though he is expecting a son or daughter of his own, he has been taking care/raising his wife's daughter, Gwen. I feel happy for him. I mean, he seems happy even though he always goes off and hides during the get-togethers. As long as he is happy, I support him.

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