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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Under The Weather

Urgh, so while the Thanksgiving weekend was pretty fun with Jaime coming down from Denton, I unfortunately caught a cold. It started with a lame sore throat during the week that prevented me from peforming "awesomely" in Rock Band, then now it's just kind of evolved into a crappy cold. I have a really annoying cough and a lot of congestion in my chest which is currently sucking the life out of me. :-/

Alas, I had a really good weekend hanging out with my brother, Fausto, and Tony really late at night. It was also cool to see my cousin Alison again, and I can't wait to join them all back in Denton next year. Yesturday I also bought Sonic Unleashed for Jaime cause at the end of the day we're Sonic fans, and we just had to see the latest installment in the franchise.. even if he does turn into a Werewolf.

All in all, the game seems pretty cool. The gameplay is really fast when you're Sonic but it does slow down to a crawl when you're the werehog, which sorta balances things out. Anywhow, here is a picture of Sonic and Sonic as the werehog:

So, I planned to do my Christmas shopping during the week while everybody is away at school and work (yeah, I'm doing this really early this time around), but if this shitty cold of mine is going to be crippling me, then I might have to wait. What a bummer, huh? I had it all planned too. I also need to buy some frames this week at Micheal's cause they're on sale. So I hope this cold before the end of the week.

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