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Monday, November 10, 2008

"Vicodin Blues" gets covered by Babay Jicks & The Ghoul Fiends

Hey everyone, I got some cool news. My poem "Vicodin Blues" was recently covered/sung by local, avant-grade, acousmatic, and experimental group Babay Jicks & The Ghoul Fiends! This marks the first time any of my poems has been turned into an actual song! It's pretty neat cover and I really like how they totally incorprated my words into their style. For those who've never heard of Babay Jicks, they might not get the The Ghoul Fiends' sound right away. So, for those of you who haven't heard of them check out their MySpace page as well as their page for full song downloads and streams.

They incoporate a lot of their influences really well, and everytime I see em' in person I always support them. Also, from what I understand, the lead singer and frontman tells me this is just a demo and will more than likely see the finished version in a couple of days or so. So, I'll post that whenever it gets officially released.

Anywho, without further adue, here is the "Vicodin Blues" cover:

Babay Jicks & The Ghoul Fiends - "Vicodin Blues" (With Trimmings)

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