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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Nightman Cometh

Oh man, tonights season finale of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" was too funny. I love that they continued the whole, "Nightman" theme that Charlie wrote. So good.

Actually, all of tonights shows where really funnier than usual. "My Name is Earl", "Kath & Kim", "The Office", and "The Sarah Silverman Program" where all super funny. That's my Thursday nights in a nutshell. I watch a lot of comedy shows tonight which makes me a boring fellow. (Black and yellow..)

God dammit, I have "Bee Movie" stuck in my head. I swear the "pollination of the flowers" half of the film is too rushed. It goes by too fast and isn't as believable (as if a Bee going to court suing mankind wasn't already far-fetched enough). Anyway, I can't complain.

So like what's everybody into these days? "Twilight"..? Anybody actually going to see this latest peice of crap? I know I'm a drone, I don't pretend to hide that, but I can smell a "Disaster Movie" from far away and this one is full of bullshit. Silly kids. I suppose I am no different though. For kicks and giggles, here is what I have been reading:

Batman: Hush

Batman & Superman: Supergirl you can see, I'm somewhat of a Jeph Loeb fan. After all, how can I not, he's responsible for writing my favorite Batman graphic novel, "The Long Halloween". Which, I think you should all read even if you're not into reading comic books or like Batman. It's a really good mystery book and one of the very few books in my life that I could not put down.

Aaannnyyywwaaayy, that's enough kissing Jeph Loeb's ass for one evening, I have also been reading:

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth

If you can't ready tell by the cover and title of that novel, this one is pretty fucked wicked. And I don't mean Bill & Ted wicked, I mean Cold's "Just Got Wicked"-wicked. The artwork is distrubing too look at. The writing is haunting, and Harvey Two-Face pisses in his shorts cause he just doesn't know how to cope with life anymore. It's a very interesting read. It isn't like any other Batman story out there, that's for sure. Check it out if you want.

Right now, I'm going to go surf the web. Seeya.


Juan C. Garcia said...

you might know something about this. I heard Kevin Smith made a Batman novel?

Jorge Gonzalez said...

Yeah, I heard about that.

Not sure what the story is about though. I guess I'll check it out later or something. I like Kevin Smith's movies, but I've never once read any of his comics before so I don't know what to expect.