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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hope Prevails

It's over.

The most grueling, frustrating, and emotionally draining presidential election of my generation has finally ended. Never has an election exposed American’s darkest intentions involving racism and sexism so carelessly into the media and politics. It was maddening. Coupled with the crumbling economy, it was enough to make any sane person, jump off the deep end.

However, tonight; November 4th, 2008 my generation, the people of my age came out to the polls. Hispanics, women, artists, gamers, movie-fans, writers, college students, Asians, and minorities of all kinds came out to show the world just how sick and tired we are of the pornography continuously spilled from George W. Bush’s pen.

This country needed a change. It needed a make-over. It needed a leader whom we can actually feel proud of, and tonight, we did just that.

Thank you to everybody whom voted for Barack Obama tonight and during early voting. I don’t think I could have survived another 4 years of the same-thing, same-song, karaoke-copy, bullshit-politics that McCain and Palin promised us. There was way to much at stake. Thank you all, from all over the United States.

Yes we can!

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