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Friday, November 21, 2008

Yippie!! New Killers DLC 4 RB!!

Set to colide with the release of their latest album, "Day & Age" Harmonix are going to release a new Killers track pack that contains my new favorite song of the month, "Spaceman"!! I can't wait! Jaime comes down next week so it's gunna be super awesome!! It's too exciting!

I think I should go buy that mic stand over at JC's store now. Buh-bye! *rocks off, whatever that means*

EDIT: WTF?! Why is it that I don't get some people's DeviantArt notes like right away? ..and it says like I read them or there old when they're not? Does this happen to everybody or just me, cause I get some but then I notice I've had like others for several weeks that I never even read. ..the fuck is up with that?

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Juan C. Garcia said...

you guys wouldnt happen to need a guitarist would ya? =P