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Sunday, September 21, 2008

What? A New Cynical Chameleon Drawing?!

"Dick Drawing for Mariel" (Cynical Chameleon 20)

OMG!! It's a BIG PENIS!!! O_O!!

Ouch, that has got to hurt. Kinda like a girl's first time having sex, no? I would imagine the pain might hurt just as much as being poked in the butt by that ugly sausage McMuffin I drew above. I guess life is just bonkers like that. We worship and indulgence in the weirdest things. *goes back to drink his Long Island Ice Teas*

So what's this post about?

Oh yeah, my penis drawing.

Okay well, this was done for my friend Mariel (obviously, since it says in the name. Like, dduuhhh.) *rolls eyes*

Oh look, here is a picture of me and her after I had a few Long Islands (or was it wine? I can't be bothered to remember.):

Okay, so like.. have any of you seen the movie Superbad? Ya know, the overrated teen comedy about two kids trying to lose their virginity before they get out of high school (boy, that's a VERY ORIGINAL MOVIE, now that I think about it!)? I don't think anybody has ever thought of such an original plotline before!! It's good to see movies thinking outside of the box.


Wait, what the fuck? Okay, so whatever. Long story short, if you've seen the movie you know that Seth (the main character) drew a lot of dicks and cocks in his notebook while growing up. It's this weird backstory that he had. In his notebook he'd morph penis and dicks into like people, monsters, or dinos and shit. Okay, so anyway, Mariel (being the fan of the movie that she is actually bought the "Superbad Notebook" as you can see by the pictures below.

So, since Mariel really likes how I draw penis' and dicks she asked if I could draw one for her notebook (she has a lot of her friends do dick drawings in it). I guess she collects different artists renditions of dicks. So being the awesome heterosexual that I am, I thought sure why not! It's not often that I get to draw a lt of dicks so I'll do a nice one.

And I did.

It's a Cynical Chameleon drawing.

Like, totally WTF, right?

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Juan C. Garcia said...

well... you do draw a lot of penis >>

lmao, im gonna save it and send it to my friend Derrick. He loves penis!