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Friday, September 5, 2008

"The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones"

"The Forgotten Trial of Jamie Leigh Jones"

My latest finished drawing has been uploaded in complete uncensored formats in both my website and Self-Portrait.

Shitty censored editions of "Forgotten Trial" have also been uploaded to DeviantART and SheezyArt.

As you all know this drawing deals with a very serious subject. Like "Holocaust", this deals with a lesser-known incident. A "cover-up" if you will, by the United States goverment.

Anyway, if you read my descriptions in both DeviantART and Sheezy you'd see what it's about.

I have to say though that I really do not like the scanned version. Infact, I kind of hate. This drawing is so much better in person it pisses me off I can't seem to translate it to digital.

Argh. Fuck it. It's message is what I'm most concerned about.

Hope you enjoy it. Here's Jamie's Foundation.

Goodnight, everyone.

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