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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Joker & Harley Quinn in Rock Band 2

So, it's no suprise that I've been pretty much playing RB2 non-stop since it's release last Sunday. Well, aside from creating my character Ice back from Rock Band 1, I decided to do something cool and create more characters for our friends to play as instead of using a stock character. So I went ahead and created both The Joker and Harley Quinn from Batman.

Needless to say, they were a lot of fun to make. I created everything about them and I'm really proud of the results. I'm especially proud of Harley. I wanted to totally modernize her like the way Heath Ledger modernized the Joker in TDK. It was tough (not like they have any jester-style clothes) but in the end I came up with a Harley Quinn for the generation. She came out more psyhotic looking than Joker! I guess it's cause I was free to experiment with a wide varitey of looks. As you can see by the pictures below I went for the smeared make-up look.

Also, I am aware that they have a black normal mask (the kind that Harley does use in the Batman cartoon), but I decided that I'd rather have her in make-up than a mask. Oh, also I'm really proud of the Joker's "Why So Serious?" guitar that I designed. Everybody who comes by really like's what I did with the characters.

Okay so without further adue, here are the pictures of Joker and Harley!

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