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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The September Sessions

You know, I haven’t been mentioning much of what is going on in terms of creativity and production. I’ve been making rather bleak references or have little mention of myself and the artwork that I have been currently concocting. Instead I make posts and entries about pirating TV shows, getting drunk, helping friends late at night or just bitching about John McCain.

Not that anybody really cares about what I have to say, but I have been diligently working hard to produce some new artwork each day I spend here in Denton. As the Republican’s enjoy their little elitist convention these few days, rest assured I will drive a pole up their little asses with two new political works. I do not want to “jinx” anything but one of these is very close of being finished and might even see an upload as early as Friday.

One of the biggest reasons I have decided to draw so intensely (by this I mean, I started about 6 different projects) is because after my surgery this October, I don’t think I will have any time at all too draw. Surgery and recovering does that to me. This final drawings might just be the last ones uploaded for the rest of the year so I have been really hard at work.

I felt inspired to do this by Trent Reznor and his album “Ghosts I-IV“. During the Fall of 2007, he and his band mates embarked on a mission to make music. For four months they just played and tried new things. Whatever was recorded was kept. It was an experiment. There was no clear agenda and I liked that.

The end result was a fantastic 36 track instrumental album that not only sounded like NIN, but it was fresh and felt so much like a collaborative effort. It wasn’t just Trent, it was his friends and if you’ve heard the album you can hear it in the recording too. I like that idea. The idea of starting a project and going so intensely into it not knowing the finished product will be.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I have no clear agenda. I’ve just been working.

That’s how “No More Roses and Razerblades” was conceived. It was what I felt at the time and what I felt like saying without letting self doubt or negativity get in the way. So far it’s gotten me about a two watches in DeviantART and JC mentioned it was one of the best drawings I’ve done yet. So this way of working is going pretty good for me.

Needless to say, letting out your pure emotions onto paper, as well as being driven by a desire to dig even deeper into your heart and soul, has it’s price to pay. Two drawings that spawned out of these sessions are some of the most personal and by far most piercing of all. It is difficult to just look at the outlines I’ve done. Those who know me in person, now just how much I really put myself into my artwork, so it scares me that I am actually going to show off some of these when their finished.

Anyway, here are some teaser photos:

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