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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Woes & Photography

This past weekend was a blasty blast. A lot of alcohol, music, dancing, boats, and.. well, raunchy behavior. You can see the photos of my little adventure over at my MySpace account. I don't like making photo albums in Facebook since the interface and amount of photos are so limiting, so expect a small portion of the photos to be uploaded in the coming months.

Also new photos from the Coyote Ugly bar will be making their way to the photography gallery of my website. Same thing goes with those Kill Hannah photos I promised ya'll. They're coming really soon, just hold on.

So I've been thinking about my photography, and I'm really considering taking off all those photos of theSTART and Alpha Rev from my website. I feel I'm slowly coming into to my own with my newer photography and looking back at the old photos really make me embarassed. I know my new photos are heavily influenced by Merlin Bronques, but I've always felt as if that was the direction I wanted to take with my images. My old material doesn't capture the in-your-face, up-close-and-personal attitude that my latest photos capture. When I try to shoot bands performing or hipsters/scenesters dancing; I want to make those viewing my photo's feel right in the action as if they had been there. I want to shoot photos in a way that you can take one of my photos and make it into a banner or advertisement for said band or club.

I know I have a lot to learn about photography, but I am really getting comfortable with this style and I want to see how I can keep evolving it. Studying and taking classes in the princibles and elements of design have really given me a new eye for how exactly I want my photographs to look. Here's a demo photo of Matt from Kill Hannah. I love how I caught the water dripping down from his water-bottle. I may or may not choose to have this in my Kill Hannah set. Tell me what you think of it. I'd like a second opinion.

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