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Saturday, July 12, 2008

San Antonio Guns Me

I'm currently in San Antonio at the moment. I think I'm the only one over the age of 21 in this appartment. Heh. Too much beer and not enough flavor. I can't lower my standards. So I'll remain the "uncool" one for tonight.

I'm actually over here cause I'm going to a see Kill Hannah perform tomorrow. What sucks is that I'll need to drive back right after the show. I have an appointment with the goverment Monday morning and I can't miss it. It's nothing bad, but it could change my "situation". Take that whatever way you want. I won't mention anything about it other than that.

So anyway, I think it's safe to say that my latest drawing "Chains" is a complete failure on all my accounts. I haven't gotten any feedback and nobody has favorited it. Still, it's all good. I'm proud of my work. Also, I'm going to be donating one of my works to the Laredo Center for the Arts during the fall as well as be another exhibition where I can get the chance to sell some my work.

More people are starting to know my name and work in Laredo. I feel pretty special. So, maybe it's better that I'm becoming successful outside of the internet. Life's funny like that. Heh.

Anyway, I'm gunna go chelax now. Laters, ya'll.

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Juan C. Garcia said...

if it had a lolcat and sephiroth on it, it wouldve been the best thing ever.

or not...

in fact, it wouldve been a sad realization of the internet that we already know!

well, at least you know i see your stuff and think its amazing. No need for me to type it out... right?

cus i will if needed >>