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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Killers, Disses, and Benly the Dog


So this past Wednesday was the long awaited concert of The Killers at the Nokia Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas. Calling this show “fucking awesome” is an understatement. The show blew me away! I honestly had no idea what to expect. I consider myself a fan of The Killers, but not in such a way that I am a HUGE fan, ya know? I don’t own any of their albums, but I do listen to all 4 albums of theirs’ on average in my Zune since I became a pirate last year.

However, now after the show.. I have become an even bigger fan! Like, for realz n’ shyt. Brandon Flowers and his crew exceeded all expectations and them some! It was a fun-as-fuck concert. I danced all night and had a ball. They played all their great hits and songs. It was a great experience. This will definitely not be the last time I see them in concert. They are that good.

Needless to say, these past few days I have been listening to The Killers non-stop (sorry Lily Allen). I can’t get it out of my head it was just fun. FUN. FUN. FUN!! It was something I totally needed after a rather lame-ass day at school.


Before the Killers concert, I had been having a long day. In my Painting II class (during “critiques”) my professor pretty much chewed up my latest painting; calling it “juvenile”, “very high school”, and “a bit too emo.” I didn’t really find it that offensive at the time. (Back at the Laredo Community College, Mrs. Bausman, Mr. Brown, and Mr. McInnis always warned/prepared us that critiques in major Universities and upper-graduate classes were going to be filled with much more penetrating and “at times” offensive comments.) They told us that some of our own classmates or major Art enthusiasts would tear our work apart (sometimes saying we have no talent at all). So I kind of already expected this kind of thing to happen.

This was my first critique at UNT and I knew a lot of the students had much more talent than I, so I was prepared to have some backlash against my art. Instead I found some of the students actually liked my painting. A lot of them really liked the color scheme and the very jagged-cross-hatching lines. (The professor thought I used acrylics, when in fact I had been using oils.)

Still, once when it was his turn to comment on my work he thought it was juvenile.

He felt the subject matter was too easy to figure out. I’ve done my fair share of autobiographical-abstract pieces but I didn’t want to be so abstract about this one (which still unnamed at the moment). But whatever, I guess.

It’s all good.


So, while Fausto is away for the weekend me and the Jamester are taking care of Benly, Fausto and Christy’s pet doggie. Pictured below:

It's been fun and chilled. Taking him on walks and looking after him.. even when he looks really bored and tired. Haha. Makes me miss my snobby and rebelious Kaser Kat back home. Hope all is good little one.

I need to start getting a few things together for next week. I believe it is going to be a busy week with tests, quizes, and papers to turn in. Time to buckle down.

So what are ya'll up to this weekend?

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