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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Professional Alcoholic & Drug Addict, pt. 1

I should be scared shitless when he continuously begs for my “happy pills”, instead I crack a smile and take it more like a joke. It’s hard not too. I mean, he says like a joke. Same thing applies when he wants to keep on trying ecstasy. I mean, he’s only saying it to be funny, right..?

Oh, by the way, he’s referring too my Lorazepalm medication when he says “happy pills”, oh and when I say “he” I mean my brother.

This past week he has been drinking since like Thursday night of last week. Ya know, I can understand drinking for the weekend. I mean, isn’t that why we work? ..for the weekend? Heh, like that tacky 80’s song suggested. Well, regardless, this is getting out of hand and to say that it’s bothering me is definitely an understatement. Makes me totally question why exactly I am here in Denton. Seeing those I care about falling into such a trite addiction isn’t exactly how I wanted to spend my semester.

But what am I suppose to do when my little brother won’t even take me seriously? He just laughs it off and tells me off whenever I try to bring it to his attention. He tells me to “go to sleep” or just very condescendingly to leave the room. I guess I do come off as being “cartoony” or somewhat stupid whenever I try to say something, but how do I present myself to somebody who’s pretty much shit-faced all night. As I mentioned it’s one thing to drink on a Friday and Saturday night, but.. Sunday night? ..Monday night?? Tuesday night??? Wednesday night???? Yeah, I’m aware school was cancelled on Tuesday due to the icy weather, but come on bro, give it a break.

I heard him pukeing earlier today. This was before he passed out for a bit on his bed, mind you.

But who cares what I think, right? I mean, he knows what he’s doing.. He’s like a fuckin’ professional vodka drinker and everybody’s favorite resident alcoholic, right? He has to certainly know what he’s doing, right kids?

..or maybe he just doesn’t get the joke?

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