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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Classes, a Coffee House, and Artsy-Girls

Holy moly, where does the time go?

Sorry for the lack of updates, ya’ll. I’ve sort of been keeping myself busy and cute here in Denton. School begins this Tuesday and I have already gotten all my shenanigans together.

During the week I finally got advised and reregistered for classes. (w00t! W00t!) I can’t believe I am actually excited to go back to school. I’m taking 15 hours too! Like, what the hell; I said I wouldn’t take more than 12.. I guess this school has so much to choose from I just couldn’t resist taking an extra one. Also since I was so determined not to get a Friday class, I spent like 3 and half hours trying to really customize a schedule that didn’t involve me waking up at 7:30am every morning. Instead I have afternoon classes! :D

Just like I like em’.

Anywho, here is my schedule:

11:00am - 12:20pm “Women’s Studies”
2:00pm - 4:50pm “Painting II”

11:00am - 12:20pm “Art Appreciation”
2:00pm - 3:20pm “American Government”
6:00pm - 8:50pm “Feminist Theory” (THURSDAYS ONLY)

As you can see my Thursdays are pretty full. I think I’m just going to live on the campus and not return to my apartment till late at night. Speaking of late nights.. I think I’m pretty much turning to an alcoholic. We (we as in Jaime, Alison, and Jesus) drink all the time. There goes our Financial Aid money! It’s all blown on Keystone, Shiner Bock, Red Stripe, or Budweiser. Personally, I prefer some wine or other fruity little drinks (cause I can’t shoot whiskey like Carrie Underwood).

It’s also cool hanging out with Fausto. I’m so glad he’s here in Denton actually. He’s one of those guys that makes things a lot more interesting and fun. I look forward to causing some mayhem at the campus with him or just having lunch at Subway or Jimmy Johns.

Speaking of going out, we went to the Jupiter House (which is a really trendy/hipster coffee house here in Denton). While I shouldn’t care of stereotypes, I can’t help but feel a little offended that (more than likely) ALL the people at the Jupiter House is probably my fellow art students. Everybody these has there nice little Apple laptops and there scarves and art-fag berets. I can’t help but cringe a bit. This is why I will forever refuse to date an art major.

Maybe I read into things too much but Art-girls really annoy me. Their false sense of being a free-spirit and thinking their so original makes me throw up a little in my mouth. I don’t know why I am saying this since odds are I’m going to have to start making a lot of friends. I give it 2 weeks till I start casually hanging out during weekends at the Jupiter House. Somebody slap me if I do begin to do that crap.

Oh, and as for making new “original” artwork.. I wouldn’t count on it. I think I might be going on “long” hiatus actually. While it’s a little daunting and might prove to be a challenge I think I’ll wait and get my feet wet a little trying other things. I might try and write more poetry or perhaps do some short stories. I don’t know. Whatever comes my way, I suppose.

Tomorrow (or should I say, later today) my cousin Fernie is going to come up and hang with us for the day. Speaking of that, I will also take a tour of the school tomorrow and get used to the bus routes. Should be fun. ..and cold. *gulp*

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Juan C. Garcia said...

Glad to hear you're living it up!